This week’s Arrowverse episodes were Supergirl 2×20 “City of Lost Children,” The Flash 3×21 “Cause and Effect,” and Arrow 5×21 “Honor Thy Fathers.” We recap the week in CW superheroes!

‘Supergirl’ 2×20 ‘City of Lost Children’

After being sidelined for most of the season, James finally steps into the spotlight in this episode. His frustrations at not having powers like Kara or not being involved at the DEO like Winn are palpable. It’s clear he hasn’t been satisfied being left out of the loop, and getting sent home from the DEO epitomizes this frustration.

So when Marcus, the alien son of a woman who mysteriously attacks innocent people, attaches himself to James, it’s James’ opportunity to shine. He is adorably sweet with Marcus, doing his best to reach the quiet boy. James tries to reach Marcus, but when Marcus is suddenly overtaken with the same violence as his mother, James realizes he’s helpless compared to Kara or even Mon-El.

Yet that’s not true. After a pep talk from J’onn — and wow, I had no idea I needed this friendship — James proves that his goodness and his heart are his true superpower. He reaches Marcus while the boy is under the spell of violence. He risks his life, and Marcus miraculously responds. James might not be endowed with superpowers, but he proves himself a hero anyway.

Meanwhile, Lena and Rhea get a portal up and running (which is what causes Marcus, his mother, and the others of his kind to become violent). Rhea, after revealing to Kara that she’s still around, betrays Lena because she’s not actually trying to go home to Daxam. She’s brought all of Daxam’s survivors to Earth to create a new Daxam.

‘The Flash’ 3×21 ‘Cause and Effect’

The Flash took a much-needed break from the depressing tone that has marked season 3 in “Cause and Effect,” though the third to last episode of the season felt late for what was mostly filler.

We learn that this Savitar is one of the time remnants that future Barry created to defeat Savitar. Only this remnant survived, and after Savitar’s defeat, the remnant was shunned by Team Flash. Broken and bitter, the remnant sought to end the pain by becoming a god.

To ensure his existence, however, he has to make sure Barry of the past is broken enough to become Savitar and set events in motion, creating a closed loop. Killing Iris and a mysterious second thing will cause that.

Team Flash decides the best way to stop a future Barry is to stop Barry from creating memories. However, without Caitlin there to check their work, Cisco and Julian’s efforts end up giving Barry — and Savitar, as a result — total amnesia. Wally also loses his powers since he got them from Savitar.

While Iris enjoys seeing Barry smiling, his amnesia is a serious issue, as he’s incapable of testifying in court about a case he worked as CSI; this allows a Mick Rory-wannabe, Heat Monger, to go free. Heat Monger sets a building on fire, and even as an amnesiac, Barry wants to help once he discovers his powers. However, he has no idea how to use them.

The only chance to get his memories back is to join forces with Killer Frost, who wants to help Savitar. While they work, Cisco reminds Killer Frost of all the great times the two shared. And as she leaves, we see some Caitlin Snow peeking through Killer Frost’s eyes.

Meanwhile, the tech the team created sparks Barry’s mind, but it takes Iris reminding Barry of the night of his mother’s murder and him coming to stay with the West family to bring everything back. This also brings back Wally’s powers because Savitar remembers again. The Flash and Kid Flash stop the fire and capture Heat Monger.

The episode closes with Tracy revealing that the Speed Force Bazooka, which will trap Savitar, is done, but it needs a power source more powerful than the sun. The solution? An alien power source (Dominator, I assume) being guarded by King Shark.

‘Arrow’ 5×21 ‘Honor Thy Fathers’

Adrian Chase sends Oliver the body of a councilman trapped in concrete. At first the team tries to figure out the connection between the councilman, who died in 2002, and Chase, but they first discover the councilman — who shared an attorney with Chase’s father — was killed on accident by Robert Queen.

It seems like Chase wants to convince Oliver that he and his father are similar. Oliver and Thea — who is back — are forced to deal with this revelation about their father and what it means about them, if anything.

The Queen siblings, who I’ve missed seeing together, eventually realize that their parents were complicated people. But there is no doubt that they loved their children. Felicity also encourages Oliver to take the Green Arrow mantle back up again.

In digging up dirt, the team learns from the attorney that before his death, Chase’s father wanted to disown his son. And when Oliver reveals this to Chase, it seems to break Chase and he gives himself up. But his smirk as he stands in an A.R.G.U.S. cell at the end of the episode indicates that he’s exactly where he wants to be. He’s 10 steps ahead, remember?

Meanwhile, the criminals who were prosecuted by Chase have been released, pending reviews of their cases. One case was Derek Sampson, the drug dealer played by wrestler Cody Rhodes, who steals the chemicals needed to weaponize TB, so Chase could follow in his father’s footsteps. The team stops Sampson while Oliver fights Chase.

Oh, and Rene is granted a court date for custody of his daughter. He gets cold feet, however, and though Quentin is there for moral support, Rene misses the hearing. My guess is that something happened to him — *cough* Chase *cough* — to prevent him from making the hearing.

What did you think of ‘Supergirl’ 2×20 ‘City of Lost Children,’ ‘The Flash’ 3×21 ‘Cause and Effect,’ and ‘Arrow’ 5×21 ‘Honor Thy Fathers’?

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