This week’s Arrowverse episodes were Supergirl 2×17 “Distant Sun,” The Flash 3×18 “Abra Kadabra,” Legends of Tomorrow 2×16 “Doomworld” and Arrow 5×18 “Disbanded.” We recap the week in superheroes on The CW!

‘Supergirl’ 2×17 ‘Distant Sun’

When a bounty is placed on Supergirl’s life, Mon-El is immediately suspicious that his parents are behind it. Though his father denies it, the truth comes out when the team captures one of the bounty hunters. After a psychic battle with J’onn, he reveals that the Daxamites are indeed behind the bounty. Rhea put the bounty on Kara’s life without Lar Gand knowing.

Mon-El’s mama wants her son to return to Daxam and be the prince as the world rebuilds. Kara is tethering Mon-El to Earth, so without her, he has no reason to stay. When Rhea prepares to kill Kara with Kryptonite daggers — in the Fortress of Solitude to add insult to injury — Mon-El promises to rejoin his parents in exchange for Kara’s life.

The DEO uses the teleportation device from Slaver’s Moon to get on the Daxamite ship. While J’onn and eventually Kara fight Rhea, Winn rescues Mon-El. Lar Gand recognizes that his son belongs on Earth, but Rhea is none too pleased and she kills her husband. She’s not done with Earth.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s ex returns to town. Alex discovers that Maggie cheated on her ex but rather than be upset about that, she’s frustrated that Maggie feels the need to hide her warts. She pushes Maggie to reconcile with her ex and Sanvers are stupidly cute afterwards.

‘The Flash’ 3×18 ‘Abra Kadabra’

Caitlin Snow is dead. Long live Killer Frost.

Wait, let’s rewind. This episode introduces Abra Kadabra, one of The Flash’s biggest rogues from the comics. From the 64th century, Abra Kadabra uses advanced technology that makes him seem capable of magic. He is on Earth-1 to steal components he needs for a time machine to return to his time. However, Gypsy follows him; he’s committed mass murder on Earth-19. One of his victims was Gypsy’s late partner, so she wants to bring him to justice.

This is complicated by Abra Kadabra claiming to know who Savitar is. After he is captured by Team Flash, he offers to reveal Savitar’s identity so the team can save Iris in exchange for letting him go. This leads to major conflict with Gypsy — a huge blow to Cisco.

In the ensuing conflict after Abra Kadabra gets free, Caitlin is impaled Cordelia Chase-style. Like a true badass, Caitlin stays awake and directs Julian and Iris through operating on her. She seems to be recovering while the team chases the fleeing Abra Kadabra through Central City. They eventually catch him and Barry allows Gypsy to take him back to Earth-19 rather than let him go for Iris’s sake.

In the closing moments, Caitlin pulls a Laurel Lance and goes into shock. The combined efforts of Cisco, Julian and H.R. cannot save her. Julian removes her necklace despite her saying she’d rather die than give into her cold powers. Her wounds heal and in an explosion of frost, the white-haired Killer Frost emerges.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 2×16 ‘Doomworld’

It’s a whole new world. In the penultimate episode of the season, Legends pulls a Flashpoint as the amnesiac Legends are trapped inside the world created by the Legion of Doom. Damien Darhk is major of Star City and his personal assassins are Sara and Amaya. Malcolm has his entire family back and is completely right in insisting that keeping the heroes alive is a terrible idea. Leonard Snart basically runs Central City, which takes the fun out of crime for Mick. In fact, this version of Snart rubs Mick wrong in just about every way.

And then there is Eobard Thawne, who runs S.T.A.R. Labs and is one of the most influential men in the world. And he has custody of the Spear. Jax and Stein work for him, while The Waverider, with Rip inside, has been shrunk to model size and serves as a trophy on his desk. Ray is a janitor at S.T.A.R. Labs and Nate is a conspiracy theorist.

Mick turns on the Legion and helps his teammates, minus Stein, get their memories back. Meanwhile, Malcolm, Damien and Leonard plot to get the Spear from Eobard. This leads to a major showdown between the three factions. Mick gets the Spear and eventually gives it to Amaya. She begins the incantation but is frozen to death by Leonard. Eobard throws the Spear into the incinerator Stein’s been working on, destroying it. This reality has been cemented.

Now the remaining Legends must go back in time to before the Legion got the Spear in order to reverse the damage.

‘Arrow’ 5×18 ‘Disbanded’

Though Oliver has disbanded his team in the wake of his torture at the hands of Adrian Chase, they aren’t taking things lying down. But, it turns out, Oliver isn’t either. He calls in the Bratva to take Adrian out. Of course, Anatoly demands a price; he needs ingredients to make drugs that will cement his position. Oliver isn’t happy about it, but he agrees.

It takes multiple lectures from Diggle (who is finally acting as the voice of reason again) to get Oliver to change his mind and get back in the vigilante game. He calls off the hit on Adrian and stops Anatoly’s mean from stealing the ingredients. This burns the bridge between Oliver and Anatoly.

Meanwhile, Helix discovers that Prometheus unmasked himself on camera. However, his face is distorted because of some kind of tech. To unscramble the image, they need access to Adrian’s device as well as a device at Kord Industries. The team gets the required pieces and reveals Adrian Chase as Prometheus.

Adrian, however, has been placed in protective custody after his wife’s death. When his handlers receive the news of his true identity, he brutally murders them and drives away, whistling along with “It’s a Beautiful Morning” while covered in blood.

What did you think of this week’s Arrowverse episodes?

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