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Superfit Hero workout leggings review: Yes, I am now a superhero

I had a chance to try out the Superfit Hero workout leggings! They didn’t magically turn me into Black Widow, but hey. Romanoff wasn’t built in a day.

Earlier this year, Hypable partnered with the body-positive, size inclusive workout clothes brand Superfit Hero to offer one reader a pair of their brand new workout leggings, that were made available as part of the company’s Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign is over and you can now pre-order your own workout clothes from Superfit Hero’s website. They’ll also have awesome workout tees and other heroic workout gear soon.

superfit hero leggings

Superfit Hero wants everybody (!) to feel comfortable in their workout wear, no matter your size or shape, and the workout leggings were designed specifically to hold in your stomach as you run or work out, claiming to fit anyone training to be a superhero (and let’s get real, aren’t we all?).

But do they actually work? Over the course of a week I tested a pair of their Superfit Performance™ Diamond Leggings, thoroughly, and am now typing this review covered in hard-earned blood, sweat, and the guts of my enemies. (Ew, no, I obviously took a shower and washed all that off.)

Superfit Hero Performance Leggings: Kick ass in (geeky) style

Superfit 1

First of all: These leggings are beautiful. They’re bold and badass, and there’s a reason I imagine myself as Black Widow (and/or Katniss) every time I put them on. The name “Superfit Hero” is definitely not accidental: They’re built for fierce females who take their workout seriously, and the design definitely fits the branding.

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As you can see from the — ugh — pictures, they fit pretty nicely around your average woman-ish shape. I particularly like that they don’t bulge out around the hips or in the crotch area, because in my experience, workout leggings unfortunately sometimes do that. But even after an hour on the treadmill, the leggings stayed put. My makeup, fyi, did not.

Another thing I noticed was that, while the rest of me was sweating unabashedly (hey, I’m here to work out, not to look pretty), I was relatively cool under the leggings. When I peeled them off after the workout, my skin underneath wasn’t nearly as sweaty as the rest of me.

Superfit leggings

Considering that the leggings don’t have a drawstring, they’re extremely comfortable both for running, dynamic workouts, and yoga. In fact, even though Superfit Hero doesn’t brand the Performance Leggings as yoga pants, I’m pretty sure I’ll keep them on hand for all of my future classes, as — even with the sizing issue that I’ll outline below — it’s the only pair of workout pants I’ve ever owned that I didn’t have to readjust every time I’d completed a sun salutation and went up for a mountain pose. Very impressive!

A note on sizing: America vs Europe

One thing that unfortunately impedes this review, which is not Superfit Hero’s fault but is still important to note, is that the leggings I received were too big for me. This meant that the high-waist stomach-holding bit (which is obviously one of the leggings’ key functions) did not work as intended; in fact, I had to constantly hike the trousers up as I jogged, and my stomach certainly was not contained. Once I got a bit more sweaty the leggings stayed put though, which, er, is something?

I note this not to imply that the leggings’ high-waist function won’t work for other wearers — in fact, other people who have tried the leggings have gushed about how great this feature is — but because you might want to keep region-specific sizing discrepancies in mind when ordering your own pair.

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As a European size 38-40, I usually fall between M and L when it comes to trousers, but obviously Superfit Hero uses American sizing, and surprisingly, their M leggings were too big for me. (That’s not usually my problem, I’ll tell you!) So if you’re ordering from Europe, I’d suggest going a size (or even a size and a half, if you’re in-between like me) below what you’d normally get, and the high waist should stay put.

In conclusion: Let’s save the world (or get fit trying)

Overall, I can warmly recommend the Superfit Hero leggings. As workout wear they are functional and comfortable, and you know what? They look damn good. That’s an important factor, too, especially seeing as many people opt out of doing fitness altogether because they’re worried about their appearance.

Well, I’m here to tell you that working out doesn’t have to be scary, and it doesn’t have to be dull. With the right soundtrack and a little help from your imagination, you can feel like a superhero pounding the pavement. I know I do. And you know what that means…

Selina just became Catwoman. *micdrop*

The Superfit Hero Performance Leggings are available for pre-order in the “Diamond” and “Laser” models.

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