For sports fans, the Super Bowl was an exciting game.

For everyone else, it was all about the commercials.

Watch our favorite Super Bowl commercials below, and be sure to let us know which commercials you thought were the best! Also, which completely bombed? Overall, there wasn’t a particular standout commercial that blew us away.


Ram’s bizarre-yet-inspiring farmer commercial

‘The Big Bang Theory’ cast become football players

David Letterman inspires a future football player

Taco Bell’s Spanish grandparents are ‘Young’

Psy sells pistachios

Bob Odenkirk, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd avoid copyrighted ‘Super Bowl’ terms for Samsung

GoDaddy shares an intimate moment between a nerd and a babe

Amy Poehler goes shopping at Best Buy

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ trailer featuring Benedict Cumberbatch

Budweiser’s touching horse-and-owner story, with ‘Landslide’

Volkswagen’s customer asks everyone to ‘Come On, Get Happy’

Taco Bell sends Grandpa on a scooter rampage

Mercedes-Benz sets your soul free

Speed Stick saves you from moments you can’t handle on the inside

Axe’s Apollo steals attention away from a hot lifeguard

Mercedes-Benz asks Kate Upton to wash their car in slow motion

Kia’s customer creates a magical Space Babies land for his son

Audi’s car gives a student courage to make a move at prom

Hyundai’s cars with ‘turbo’ get you ahead of the strange things on the road

GoDaddy shows everyone thinks they have a rare, money-making idea

Calvin Klein is borderline-NSFW with this model and his moves

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