SimCity fans, here’s another fix for you. Maxis has released another sneak peek of the 2013 SimCity reboot, with this trailer showing us how to build a casino town.

In the video, lead designer Stone Lebrande expands and specialises a casino city. He is able to compare his casino’s profits with other players’ efforts in other regions. Casinos can be upgraded with a variety of different extensions, such as hotels, poker parlours and celebrity stages.

When Lebrande’s city runs out of power, he claims a neighbouring region to use as an area to place coal power plants in. He then lets a friend take over the region, and buys electricity off him using the money generated by the casinos.

Crime becomes a problem, so Lebrande builds a new police station which is also fully upgradeable with modules such as radio towers and helipads. We get to see a decent amount of micromanagement, giving us an idea of the depth of SimCity.

This trailer is the latest in a long string of videos that Maxis has released since the announcement of SimCity back in March. Recent videos included a look at how neighbours’ cities might affect your own, a detailing of SimCity World (a social hub for SimCity mayors) and we also had a look at a classic SimCity feature making its way into SimCity 2013: disasters.

The SimCity franchise saw its last proper entry, SimCity 4, back in 2003 (sorry, SimCity Societies, you don’t count). Having spent many hours of our lives building dozens of Simsvilles over many, many years, we’re pretty excited about SimCity’s release on PC and Mac on March 5 in North America and March 8 in Europe. For further details, including a list of pre-order bonuses, check out the SimCity website.

Are you impressed by this latest video? Do you think you’ll try building a casino city in SimCity on its release?

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