10:00 am EDT, November 1, 2017

‘Stranger Things 2’: The Best Mom Award goes to Steve Harrington

Joyce Byers who?

Did I hate Steve Harrington in season 1 of Stranger Things? You bet I did. Am I going to pretend that I didn’t? You bet I am.

Following Steve Harrington’s character arc on Stranger Things has been a journey over the last two seasons. Steve spends most of season 1 being a bad boyfriend to Nancy. He encourages her to not study for exams, he doesn’t defend Nancy when his ‘friends’ call her a slut, and he’s unsupportive when Nancy’s best friend goes missing.

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By the end of season 1, Steve is almost an entirely new person. He apologizes to Jonathan for their fight, and he goes back to the Byers’ house to help Nancy and Jonathan fight alien monsters instead of saving himself. But season 2 Steve Harrington puts season 1 finale Steve Harrington to shame.

In season 2, Steve and Nancy go through a lover’s quarrel, and his departure from Nancy allows him to grow. Enter Mom!Steve. New mom of four Steve Harrington takes care of the Stranger Things kids when they were left unattended, and he did a damn good job. There’s no question, Steve Harrington is Mom of the Year, and here’s why:

  1. Goes into dark spaces below ground to kill bugs you’re afraid of, no matter how big or slimey.
  2. Doesn’t let you slack off your chores.
  3. Will treat you to KFC on a weekday.
  4. Buys you the best hair products and gives the best hair advice.
  5. Sits in awkward silences when you don’t want to talk.
  6. Walks in front to make sure if someone is going to die it won’t be anyone else.
  7. Will put large, interdimensional objects too heavy for you to carry into a fridge, for science.
  8. Praises you for a job well done.
  9. Does not let you play with fire…without not-quite-adult supervision.
  10. Affectionate hair tousles but don’t you dare do it back.
  11. Gets into fights he knows he can’t win to protect you from the baddies.
  12. Apologizes even when you’re wrong.
  13. Drives you wherever you want at a moment’s notice.
  14. With dishtowel on shoulder, he’s always ready to clean up a mess.
  15. Goes with you to awkward social engagements so you’re not alone.
  16. Still open-minded in learning history and science from his children.
  17. Lets you have four friends over instead of one as long as you don’t play baseball in the house.
  18. Makes reservations at IHOP every Sunday.
  19. Teaches you ALL the sports! Or dancing. Whatever you want.
  20. Gives you ‘cool mom’ dating advice (though it may not be totally accurate).

Why do you think Steve is the best mom on ‘Stranger Things’?

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