11:00 am EDT, October 31, 2017

‘Stranger Things’ season 3: 30 questions we need answered

If you’ve been lucky enough to find time to binge-watch Stranger Things 2, then you probably have as many questions as we do for Stranger Things 3 to answer.

So you’ve finished Stranger Things season 2, have you? Then you’ll know Bob is the new Barb, Tews is the new Mews, and Jopper is the new Jancy. We got some answers to our questions left over from season 1, but this sophomore outing definitely left us with a few head-scratchers.

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Questions we have for ‘Stranger Things’ season 3

Pull up your bandanna, grab your hat, and hold on tight because we’ve got plenty of Stranger Things season 3 questions:

  1. Will Hopper be a better father to Eleven?
  2. What iconic look will Eleven take on next?
  3. Will Eleven ever be friends with Max?
  4. Will Joyce and Hopper ever get together?
  5. Will we ever see Kali (Eight) again?
  6. Are there more kids like Eleven out there that we haven’t met yet?
  7. Will Nancy’s parents get a divorce (or at least go to marriage counseling?)
  8. Is Mrs. Wheeler going to hook up with Billy?
  9. What awesome creature will be the star next season?
  10. Can Nancy and Jonathan last through a whole season of this show?
  11. Will Steve find someone worthy of his phenomenal hair?
  12. Will Eleven ever be able to fix her mother?
  13. What new words will Eleven add to her vocabulary?
  14. Whatever happened to the demidog in the Beyers’ fridge?
  15. When do we get a Steve the Babysitter spinoff?
  16. Has Billy learned his lesson never to mess with Max or her friends again?
  17. Is Hawkins Lab finally shut down for good?
  18. When will Joyce get her Mother of the Year award?
  19. How long will Eleven get to lead a normal life before everything goes to shit (again)?
  20. Will Hawkins make use of all those tunnels underneath the town?
  21. Will next season explore more of Will’s trauma?
  22. Will we see Steve sleeping with his bat under his pillow?
  23. Has Eleven tapped into the true potential of her powers?
  24. Will we learn what this terrible wound is that Eleven apparently has?
  25. Will Hawkins ever be the same after the “reveal” of the conspiracy surrounding Barb’s death?
  26. How is Eleven going to survive another year of being cooped up?
  27. Will we get more Erica Sinclair?
  28. Will Dustin be a ladies man now that he’s danced with Nancy?
  29. If season 1 opened with D&D and season 2 opened with an arcade, what’ll be the focus of season 3’s opener?
  30. The portal is closed, but the Mind Flayer is not dead, so how will it manage to cause trouble next year?

What questions do you have for ‘Stranger Things 3’?

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