Stranger Things 2 introduced several new characters this year — some of them better than others. Which were your favorites?

Some fresh new faces hit our screens when Stranger Things 2 dropped on Netflix. A few of them have added depth and heart to the season, while others have certainly played their parts in being antagonists for our favorite characters.

Bob and Max probably had the biggest impact on what happened in Stranger Things season 2.

When Max entered the picture, the boys didn’t really know what to make of her. She was a spitfire with red hair and a tough attitude. Despite her hard exterior, however, it became apparent she wanted to be a part of their group. She weathered the push-back from Mike, and at the end of the day, she was one of the reasons why Eleven was able to shut the portal to the Upside Down. Points to the Zoomer.

Bob was at the other end of the spectrum, attitude-wise. He came in like a fluffy kitten, smiling and cracking dumb jokes. Will and Jonathan laughed at him, but he was a good guy, through and through. He may have been a bit naive, but he helped save Hopper’s life and ultimately gave his own in order to save Will’s.

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Joyce’s (short-lived) love interest isn’t the only new adult we met in Stranger Things 2. Murray played a large part in bringing to light the tragedies perpetrated by Hawkins Lab, as well as bringing Nancy and Jonathan closer together (wink wink). He’s a bit out there on the sanity scale, but he means well and can rest easy knowing his suspicions were justified.

Meanwhile, Dr. Owens continued to walk that fine line between being a good guy and a bad guy. On the one hand, he represents Hawkins Lab and the scientists who are interested in learning more about the Upside Down. He had to strike a deal with Hopper so he could keep monitoring Will, while promising to keep the other world at bay and the rest of Hawkins safe. On the other hand, he was the only doctor looking to save Will’s life, and he certainly risked his own in order to keep Joyce, Hopper, Will, and Bob safe. (Three out of four ain’t bad, right?)

Claudia Henderson mostly sat in her recliner and fawned over Mews (and eventually Tews), but she was delightful whenever she was on screen, if only because it was hilarious to watch Dustin manipulate his mom into thinking he’s a perfect angel. Spoiler: He’s not.

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And now we move into the last category of new characters, which includes all the siblings we met this season. First up is Billy, who proved to be quite the bully to Max and, by extension, Lucas. We found out why he is the way he is (thanks, Dad), but is that really an excuse? He might be a stud muffin (according to Mrs. Wheeler), but he’s definitely got a couple screws loose.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is sweet little Erica, Lucas’ baby sister. She stole the show in every single scene she appeared in, whether it was when she poured all that maple syrup over her pancakes or she whispered, “Nerd,” to her brother when he was posing for his Ghostbusters Halloween pictures. Here’s to hoping He-Man returns to your open arms, girl.

Last, but certainly not least, is Kali, Eleven’s sister from Hawkins Lab. She falls somewhere between Billy and Erica when it comes to being good. She’s been through a lot, as much as Eleven, and therefore feels justified in getting revenge on all of those who destroyed her childhood. Then again, Eleven knew it was wrong to take away a parent from his children, just as Terry was taken away from her. Kali felt little remorse for her actions, but I hold out hope that she’s not completely lost.

So, who’s the best new character on Stranger Things 2 and who’s the absolute worst? That’s for you to decide! Rank each person in the poll below and check back to see who’s made it to the top.

Who’s your favorite new character on ‘Stranger Things 2’?

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