From the moment she rolled her eyes at her older brother posing in his Ghostbusters costume and declared, “God. You are such a nerd,” Lucas’ little sister Erica Sinclair won us over in Stranger Things 2.

In a show with monsters, telekinesis, and big-name stars like Wynona Rider and Sean Astin, young actress Priah Ferguson stole every scene in which she was featured. Whether that be pouring extra, extra maple syrup onto her breakfast plate or taunting her big brother, Erica brought much-needed comic relief to the jam-packed and emotionally-taxing season two.

Meeting Erica made me curious about other family members we’ve met, or the ones we may be missing out on. So at the risk of being a NERD, here are the family members I want to see more of in season 3.

The Sinclairs

Erica’s got quick wit and doesn’t cut anybody slack. I think she gets it from her parents, especially her dad. When Lucas asks his father what he does to earn his wife’s forgiveness, Mr. Sinclair states, “First, I apologize. Then I get your mother whatever she wants.” When Lucas asks what if she’s wrong, he lowers his newspaper and deadpans, “She’s never wrong, son.”

Not only do I want to see more of Erica, but I want to see more of Lucas’ parents, too. The show shines when everyone comes together to fight the scary monsters. Let’s get the parents in on it, too, and feature more of Arnell Power and Karen Ceesay, who play Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair.

Dustin’s mom Claudia Henderson

First of all, we should all call Dustin by his mom’s pet name for him — Dusty. Second, you need to admire a woman who truly cares about her pet cat as much as she does. Claudia Henderson, played by Catherine Curtin, who made an impression as Orange Is the New Black’s Wanda Bell, doesn’t hesitate when she hears her beloved feline companion Mews is found on the other side of town.

While it’s merely a ploy by her son Dusty to get her out of the house so he can deal with the true cause of the missing cat (eaten by a demidog), Claudia warms our hearts when she races to Mews’ aide. While she gets new cat friend by the end, it looks like it’s just Claudia and Dusty in this Henderson family. I’m interested in learning more.

Mike’s mom Karen Wheeler

Karen Wheeler seems like that stereotypical suburban housewife. She’s married to an older man who doesn’t really pay attention to her. She revels in the small time she has to treat herself with a bubble bath, and she might indulge a handsome young man’s fantasy or two. While the second season of Stranger Things doesn’t stray from this stereotype, the first season suggests Mrs. Wheeler, played by Cara Buono, has more potential.

In season one, Mrs. Wheeler knows there’s something up with her kids. She comforts Mike after Will’s disappearance, and she confronts Nancy after that disastrous pool party. Her kids, being teenagers, shut her out. But Mrs. Wheeler is made of stronger stuff.

I bet if Mike was trapped in the upside down instead of Will, Mrs. Wheeler would’ve grabbed an ax, herself, to break into the upside down. (Plus, she probably would’ve gotten him out faster because she wouldn’t have been freaking out as badly.) Actress Cara Buono is credited during the opening theme song of the show. This means Karen Wheeler has an important part to play in the battle between good and evil.

Also, let’s not forget Mike’s little sister Holly. She was important enough to receive a message from the upside down in season one. Can’t wait for Holly to grow up and join the DnD party with Mad Max, Eleven, and the boys.

Which family members would you like to see in ‘Stranger Things’ season 3?

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