Other media outlets were also present to ask questions. When asked which actor delivers a character that is the closest to what she imagined when writing the novel, Meyer stated, “The top honors go to Saoirse particularly for her portrayal of Wanda. I think Melanie was easier for her because she relates to that girl, but Wanda is not even human. She created for me this entity that most encapsulated this character…she’s one of the most gifted actors I’ve ever seen, let alone had the opportunity to work with.”

The praise for Ronan is interesting because Meyer initially resisted her casting believing Ronan to be too young, and she, “didn’t want to repeat that whole Twilight teen triangle thing.” However, Meyer was convinced that Ronan was mature enough after seeing her in the action and intrigue film Hannah.

As far as changes from the novel to the screen, the heart of the story is there, but Meyer refers to heightened visuals that were not in the novel. In looking at the trailer, she is likely referring to the Seekers who are all in white and travel in sleek silver cars and helicopters creating a most sinister edge. There are also some character losses such as Walter from the novel not making it to the screen. Meyer’s mother in particular was unhappy with this change since the character was one of her favorites. The soccer scene from the novel also didn’t make the final version.

Many people wonder what is up next considering Stephenie Meyer’s multiple, upcoming projects in film and novels. Her production company, Fickle Fish Films, just sold its inaugural film, Austenland, to Sony classic Pictures during Sundance. The company’s next acquisition, Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan, is in the script development phase. Meyer refers to the novel as the one that scared her the most as a young teen.

As for what Stephenie Meyer is writing next, it’s a slow process. She finds it difficult to write and to do everything that film producing requires at the same time. Nonetheless, next on her agenda is the sequel to The Host, working title The Seeker. There is currently no firm date regarding its release. She wants to try to work on it this summer, but joked that she would have to “cryogenically freeze her children and husband” in order complete it by summer’s end. Her mermaid book, which she believes would be impossible to film, isn’t going to be a reality for some time.

Have you read The Host? Do you think it has a broader appeal than Twilight?

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