It barely seems like a week since Steam’s Halloween sale, but it’s that time again already: Steam’s Autumn sale has begun, and it’s a biggie. Current discounts are on titles such as The Walking DeadDarksiders II and tons of indie games like Bastion and World of Goo.

As usual, there are new deals every day until November 26. Today’s deals are The Walking Dead ($10.50; 50% off), Darksiders II ($17; 66% reduction), XCOM: Enemy Unknown ($33.49; 33% price cut), Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planewalkers 2013 ($4.99; 50% off), Age of Empires III: Complete Collection ($9.99; 75% reduction) and Terraria ($3.39; 66% off).

Flash sales, where you have only a short amount of time to grab games at fantastic discounts, have returned once again after their success in previous Steam sales. Current flash deals include Limbo and Knights of the Old Republic II, both of which are 75% off

There’s also some fantastic indie titles to get your hands on for reductions of between 40% and 75%, including BastionAudiosurfCave Story and World of Goo. 

Our pick of the day is Bastion, a beautifully crafted action role-playing game from Supergiant Games. We’d also highly recommend The Walking Dead and World of Goo if you haven’t yet played them.

To check out all the current offers, head over to Steam’s sale page.

PC gamers might also be interested in’s five games for $10 offer, where you can select five indie games from a list of 20, including Torchlight and Trine. For a full list of the games in GOG’s Thanksgiving offer, check here.

Can’t afford to splash out now? Steam’s holiday sale is expected to start on December 20, when you can expect to see similar discounts.

Which of these games interest you? How much do you think you’ll have spent by the end of the sale on November 26? We’ve begun apologising to our bank accounts already…


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