4:35 pm EDT, April 29, 2020

Stay-at-home advocates BTS reach out to fans via social media

From making dalgona coffee to dancing along to Just Dance, the members of BTS have shared how they’ve kept busy as they stay at home during quarantine.

Everyone around the world is coming to terms with our new reality. With most countries on lockdown, it’s important for everyone to practice social distancing. Since February BTS have promoted the stay-at-home order across social media platforms consistently and genuinely as they urge everyone to be safe and stay healthy. 

bts stay at home

After an amazing comeback with the release of Map of the Soul: 7, both BTS and their label BigHit have ensured they stay in the limelight by making an appearance on James Corden’s #HomeFest from South Korea, hosting a 24-hour concert marathon called BangBangCon on YouTube (with over 22 million viewers), with other musicians are now following suit, along with starting a new video log series on YouTube and a new hashtag on Twitter, #BOTD, or BTS of the day. 

Not only that, but V himself has made waves on Twitter with his simple video tweets of him at home, enjoying music and dancing in his living room. The tweet was so popular that Twitter gave his hashtag its own emoji.

BTS’ Love Yourself campaign continues as they never hesitate in mentioning how important it is to practice selfcare and seek things that make us happy, along with how they are doing the same thing by taking the time to practice hobbies both new and old during the quarantine. 

They’ve shared numerous glimpses at their daily lives in recent weeks. Since they are also practicing social distancing and originally were due to be on tour, they’ve had to adjust their lives just like everyone else. By giving fans something to look forward to, whether it’s a video of them dancing or painting, BTS has made the stay-at-home order a little more bearable. 

bts stay at home

From Jungkook posting pictures of digital artwork he’s been working on, to RM showing us his plants that he’s taking care of, to V sending updates about his dog Yeontan, BTS are also seeking escapism via social media just like everyone else as they stay at home. 

V has stated in the past that he uses social media to talk to ARMY when he needs solace or to unwind. It’s a reminder that they are people leading full lives, who are also going through the same things we are. Everyone needs comfort and things to occupy ourselves so we don’t burn out on everything happening around the world. 

V enjoys playing video games with ARMY, and has done so since before quarantine started via Weverse. While emphasizing for fans to stay at home, V bought a server for a video game so that not only he could play with Korean ARMY, but so that they could continue playing together without him present. The fact that he wants to play with his fans shows how much V cares. 

BTS has always stayed connected to their fans as much as possible. By utilizing multiple social media platforms, every member is active in reaching out to fans. BTS stay connected to fans via Weverse, where they comment on their fans’ posts, share moments of their daily lives, and even talk to each other. 

They use Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, Vlive, Weverse, and even Tiktok to keep connected by regularly posting. Both BTS and BigHit have said that they are thinking of new ways to reach out and connect with fans, and so far they’ve done an amazing job by showing J-Hope and RM doing crafts, Jimin, Jin, and Suga dancing along to Just Dance, and  Jimin and RM making dalgona coffee on Vlive. 

suga stay at home

On top of that, the members individually have posted on twitter showing fans what they’ve been up to. Both Jungkook and V have posted a snippet of them working out, while Suga posted a YouTube live stream of him painting for an hour

RM started the YouTube live video log by talking about how they were working on their next album. It seems like the YouTube video logs will continue throughout the stay at home order, since yesterday J-Hope live streamed of him dancing for an hour. 

taetae fm stay at home

On top of everything else, V and Suga have started both TaeTae FM 6.13 and Honey FM 6.13, their own radio shows via Vlive. V’s was started pre-quarantine, where he plays songs for ARMY that he’s currently listening to and enjoying. Each time he’s done TaeTae FM 6.13, the musicians he’s featured have posted thank you’s for showcasing their work. 

On Suga’s Honey FM 6.13, he took the time to go through questions that ARMY had asked him on Twitter, promising to do it again soon. Suga has a way with words, and on his Honey FM 6.13, he comforted fans in the best way possible: by giving them hope in the darkness.

We may have to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy and look forward to these little gifts that BTS have given us throughout the quarantine. As entertainers who often speak out about how much they love their fans, they’ve truly shown it as they continue to reach out in new ways, 

In their newest album, Map of the Soul: 7, the song “We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal” showcases how deeply they feel for ARMY, about how they wouldn’t be where they are without us. Despite everything happening around the world, BTS has shown how true the lyrics to the song actually are. 

Stay safe, stay at home, borahae ARMY!


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