1:09 am EST, November 28, 2013

StarKid’s ‘Twisted’ released online – watch and discuss now!

Team StarKid’s newest parody musical, Twisted, has finally debuted on YouTube, and along with the release, StarKid offers up a DVD and soundtrack. Check it out below!

Five months after the show’s live opening night in Chicago, Team StarKid have released Twisted online, and you can watch it right now on YouTube. As well as their traditional YouTube playlist format, StarKid is offering, for the first time, the opportunity for fans to watch the entire 130-minute production straight through as a single uninterrupted video.

A StarKid musical would, of course, be nothing without its soundtrack. Earlier this evening, Team StarKid released Twisted – The Original Chicago Cast Recording onto iTunes, so once you’ve watched the musical online – or right away, if you were lucky enough to see it live in its five-week run this past July – you can download the Twisted studio album.

Fans are also able to pre-order Twisted on DVD tonight, in advance of the formal DVD release on December 6. The Twisted DVD will include an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette containing backstage footage of the last day of live Twisted performances, as captured by the show’s director, Brian Holden. 1Night 2Last 3Ever, StarKid’s most recent Second City sketch comedy show, also has a DVD presale tonight. Ordering either of these DVDs now means your order is guaranteed to ship first on the official sale date.

Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier is StarKid’s take on the legendary tale of Aladdin, with a bit of a Wicked-esqe twist. Ja’far, based on Disney’s villain, is this story’s protagonist as we take a sympathetic look through his eyes. Twisted was directed by Brian Holden, and written by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Eric Kahn Gale, with lyrics by Kaley McMahon and music by AJ Holmes.

The cast of characters is as follows:

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Dylan Saunders – Ja’far
Jeff Blim – Aladdin
Rachael Soglin – The Princess
Joe Walker – Prince Achmed/Ensemble
Meredith Stepien – Sherrezade/Ensemble
Nick Gage – The Sultan/Ensemble
Jim Povolo – The Captain of the Guards/Ensemble
Lauren Lopez – Monkey/Ensemble
Robert Manion – Ensemble
Jaime Lyn Beatty – Ensemble
Alex Paul – Ensemble
Denise Donovan – Bird/Ensemble

Twisted was the first of StarKid’s projects to be funded via crowdsourcing. StarKid launched a Kickstarter for the musical in March, and their initial goal of $35,000 was surpassed in just two hours. A final balance of $142,564 was raised by backers worldwide.

Hit the comments to connect with other fans and tell us what you think of Twisted!

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