The latest member of Team StarKid to present a side project to the fandom is Lauren Lopez, who has revealed she is in the process of writing a gluten-free cookbook.

Followers of Lauren’s Twitter will be aware that she’s a keen baker, and she has created a page on donation site WePay to encourage fans to contribute to the cost of recipe development for a new cookbook, in exchange for behind-the-scenes video content.

The book will be co-produced by StarKid Julia Albain – who has self-published her own short memoir in the past – and StarKid’s design and production whiz Corey Lubowich. Corey was able to give Hypable a little bit more insider info on the project:

Lauren’s writing a gluten-free (but friend-friendly) cookbook. It’s a laid-back approach to baking, complete with Lauren’s signature humor with you in the kitchen. The goal is to serve as inspiration for readers to get their hands dirty and experiment, rather than feeling like everything needs to be perfect all the time.

She’s in the testing and refining stage now of the recipes. And like anyone who’s had any of Lauren’s baking before knows that her recipes are killer; they’re all treats that you can make for your friends, whether they have allergies or not.

It’ll be available both via e-book and in print and the target release is around the holidays.

The fundraising goal has been met, but you can still donate to the project here.

Will you be buying Lauren’s book when it comes out? What other side projects do you suspect the StarKids may have up their sleeves? Points for the most random.

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