11:30 am EDT, January 20, 2014

J.J. Abrams completes ‘Star Wars’ script, confirms talks with Jesse Plemons

The usually tight-lipped J.J. Abrams has opened up on the progress of Star Wars: Episode VII.

In December, we learned that the script for Star Wars: Episode VII was not finished. After Academy Award winning screenwriter Michael Arndt left the project, he was replaced by director Abrams and Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. After that change, Disney expected the script to be done by January.

It looks like Abrams and Kasdan have met their deadline.

Speaking Sunday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour to promote his new TV series Believe, Abrams told The Wrap “We’re working really hard and we’ve got our script and we’re in deep prep. Full steam ahead, y’know.”

We learned last week what it appears the current (and likely final) script looks like. Apparently, when Arndt was writing the script, Star Wars: Episode VII focused on the children of the trio from the original trilogy: Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo.

The new script shifts the focus to Luke, Leia, and Han for one final time in Episode VII. Their children will take supporting roles in the film, but those roles will become the lead roles in Episode VIII and IX.

Abrams also spoke about a different rumor that recently surfaced, the rumor that said Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Plemons was in talks to star in the film.

“He is one of the actors that we’ve talked to, yeah,” Abrams confirmed. “But, you know. It’s not often that I read about actors that I’m going to be meeting … that I get to read articles about actors who are going to come in. And so I get to see someone and say, ‘Oh, I read that I’m going to see you.’ … It’s usually agents talking to people about what’s happening. It’s a lot of noise.”

It’s funny that Abrams confirmed it. For one, Abrams isn’t usually one to confirm these things. Also, Plemons himself recently denied the rumors, likely fearing that talking about the film could get him kicked out. (Right, Saoirse Ronan?)

“No,” Plemons told HitFix when they asked him about being in talks. “I think it’s just one of those crazy rumors.”

With all the talk surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s hard to believe it’s almost two full years away.

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