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35 questions ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ needs to answer in season 2

Star Trek: Discovery leaves a giant introduction on the table for season 2. But what else can we expect to see when the series returns?

A hail from a very familiar ship closes out the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. And while there is little information regarding the who, what, and why of the situation, I can’t help but wonder if this is a colossal mistake or a great introduction.

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Enterprise to Discovery. Captain Pike on the bridge of the former. A newly reinstated crew aboard the latter. And although the universe feels a bit smaller with the introduction of a vessel from series past, the possibilities remain endless.

Characters and events from the canon are made new in Discovery. But will they continue this fresh take in season 2? I’ll be completely honest here. Reaching over to other franchises is not an ideal next step. In fact, when the Enterprise appears at the close of season 1, so does a groan.

It’s not that I don’t have faith. I do. Minus one hiccup in an otherwise stellar season, there is no reason to bash a storyline that is only just beginning. But I hope that Discovery continues to carve out its own place in the greater Star Trek universe.

Anyway, while there is plenty of time to wallow, there is also plenty of time to speculate! Here are 35 questions I hope will be answered by Discovery season 2.

Some are ridiculous, some are hunches, and others are aspects of the show I hope the series continues to build upon next season!

35 Questions ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ needs to answer in season 2

  1. Who is aboard Enterprise?
  2. Are we going to meet Captain Pike?
  3. Will we get to see inside the Enterprise?
  4. Why are they bringing in the Enterprise?
  5. Is there any reason why this show cannot exist on its own?
  6. What other “side characters” will we see in season 2 ala Mudd’s return in season 1?
  7. Star Trek: Discovery mudd

  8. What if the series jumps forward in season 2 and tells the story backwards?
  9. Will the series explain why Spock never mentioned Michael Burnham?
  10. Is there a possibility to meet more Kelpiens?
  11. Will we explore Saru’s backstory with a bit more detail?
  12. The series is going to continue to be serialized, but will there be another bottle episode with an exploratory mission to a new planet?
  13. Who is the new Captain of Discovery?
  14. Is hot man on the bridge dead?

  15. Are we done with the Klingons?
  16. Does L’Rell succeed in unifying the Klingons and have a shot at being a leader?
  17. Can Ash Tyler return and be accepted among Starfleet?
  18. Will William Shatner get his chance at age reduction CGI?
  19. What will Philippa Georgiou get up to with her new freedom?
  20. Are we done with spore drive science?
  21. There was a bit of spore possibilities floating in the air (literally). Stamets certainly can’t ditch his connection with his mushrooms. Right?
  22. Star Trek: Discovery stamets map

  23. Will the Discovery return to being a science vessel?
  24. With universe and time jumping at their fingertips, will Discovery go rogue again and visit other timelines?
  25. How will the crew adapt to not being at war?
  26. Will the Vulcans play a larger role in season 2?
  27. How involved will Admiral Cornwell be in season 2?
  28. Tilly is accepted into officer training. Will she leave to pursue this or will she stick around?
  29. Are we going to leave the romance behind in season 2?
  30. Star Trek discovery ash burnham

  31. Will I ever get over the travesty of the way in which they handled Culber’s death?
  32. We heard about Paris and Malaysia, will we get mention of or get to visit any other Earth locations?
  33. Will CBS All Access still offer Klingon subtitles?
  34. Are there other rogue Terran universe crew members out there?
  35. Will there be any new additions to the main cast?
  36. Why are there so many possibilities for this show to consider?
  37. How long will we need to wait for more details?
  38. Is anyone else looking forward to the costumes for season 2 as much as new episodes?

Check back for updates on Star Trek: Discovery season 2!

What are your burning ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ questions?

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