6:37 pm EDT, July 23, 2016

‘Star Trek’ reboot gets title, ship, and more at SDCC

Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek reboot may not have a cast yet, but it does have a title, a ship, and a mission!

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek‘s introduction to the world. Moderator Bryan Fuller, a writer on both Deep Space Nine and Voyager, opened the panel by saying, “I didn’t want to be a writer. I wanted to be a Star Trek writer.” Fitting then that he is now living out his dream of running his own reboot of the series coming to CBS in January 2017 with Star Trek: Discovery.

Watch the teaser trailer shown at the panel and get your first look at the U.S.S. Discovery here!

For those wanting a bit more technical information, Fuller revealed in the presser after the Hall H appearance that his series will take place in the Prime universe. This means that it will be happening in the history of events set by Star Trek: The Original Series. Fuller remained tightlipped on when on that timeline this series would take place. Could it be post-Kirk, pre-Picard? Hmmm…

In addition to the ship and name of the series, Fuller revealed that his Trek would be more like a novel, playing out in chapters of one story, rather than episodic like his predecessors. While this is a change from the past, Fuller strongly stressed that the most important aspects of the series — diversity, acceptance of all people — still remain at the forefront. “We have to celebrate a progression of our species. And right now, we need a little help,” said Fuller nearing the end of the panel.

Star Trek: Discovery will air its first episode on CBS in January 2017 with subsequent episodes airing on CBS All Access and, for those living outside the U.S., on Netflix.

Need some Star Trek right now? Star Trek Beyond is currently in theaters and all past seasons of the series are coming to Netflix, but are also available with a CBS All Access account!

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