8:25 am EDT, January 9, 2019

‘Star Trek 4’ shelved by Paramount, loses director SJ Clarkson

We won’t be exploring the final frontier on the big screen anytime soon as Star Trek 4 has been shelved by Paramount.

The Chris Pine-led Star Trek film franchise is done for the foreseeable future. Star Trek 4 was going to be an exciting installment, employing SJ Clarkson, the first female director for the franchise.

However, as Deadline reports, Paramount has shelved the film, and Clarkson has been scooped up by HBO to direct and executive produce their Game of Thrones prequel pilot.

For Star Trek fans, this is a frustrating development. The fourth installment in the franchise has been stuck in development for years, and after contract talks and what felt like a great deal of back and forth, both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine walked away, causing the franchise to lose Captain George Kirk and Captain James T. Kirk, respectively.

As Comicbook.com explains, the two actor reportedly walked away due to salary disputes. Both actors have experienced a great deal of success in their Marvel and DC roles and wanted their pay to reflect that. However, Paramount remained strict in their modest budget, and the low salary reportedly pushed both actors out of the film.

It’s not clear if Paramount intends to pick Star Trek 4 back up again. Losing two high-profile actors and a groundbreaking director seems to be a tough blow to recover from, as they’d basically have to rebuild the entire franchise for a new movie. With the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery doing so well, this might be for the best. It might be time for the Star Trek film to take a backseat to the television series.

It will be interesting to see where Paramount takes Star Trek next, if anywhere. While it’s sad to see the new movie shelved, we’re glad we still can explore space with the crew of Star Trek: Discovery, and hopefully we can rejoin Captain Kirk and his crew in the near future.

Source: Deadline

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