10:30 am EDT, May 31, 2012

Spiteful ‘Supernatural’ fans try to get Misha Collins fired, fail epically

If you follow the Supernatural stars on Twitter, you may have seen their comments regarding a hate campaign against Misha Collins. But Supernatural fans worldwide have been taking action to stop it.

No one is really sure how or why IHMCD (I Hate Misha Collins Day) started, but that hasn’t stopped fans from taking action against the haters who have been campaigning to get Misha Collins fired from Supernatural by tweeting and emailing The CW network.

Nope, it doesn’t make any sense to us, either.

The IHMCD tried to declare May 31 the “official Hate Misha Collins day.” The Twitter account IHMCD has been suspended, presumably following repeated reportings by fans, but not before getting the attention of Jim Beaver, who decided to spread the word rather than ignore it. He has been tweeting about the campaign:

Countless Supernatural fans have been replying with messages of love for Beaver, Collins and the cast, and even Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) expressed his solidarity in a funny response to a fan:

Even Misha Collins himself has responded to it, in his usual offhand manner (and we of course hope this is indeed the attitude he is approaching this with):

Even though Misha Collins is in the public eye and is hopefully able to laugh this off, this hate campaign is of course absolutely uncalled for. But since yesterday, fans have been tweeting their support to both Jim Beaver and Misha Collins, and the anti-hate campaign hashtag #WeLoveMishaCollins has been trending on and off on Twitter.

While this group of fans (however small or large) may try their campaign again today, it is probably not something that any Castiel fans need to worry about. It not not likely that the network will take it seriously; after all, as Jim Beaver says:

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