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7 TV spinoffs we’d actually watch

Never say never to too much of a good thing.

Spoilers for Arrow and Sleepy Hollow.

Spinoffs are seeing a resurgence in television, and with hits like The Originals, Legends of Tomorrow, and Fear the Walking Dead bringing in the big bucks, we thought it’d be a good idea to evaluate the television landscape and see which story wells had a little bit of sparkle to spread around.

So, from Downton Abbey to Game of Thrones, here’s seven spinoff ideas we’d like to see make it to television.

Dead Girls Club

Tired of constantly being killed off in order to a further a white guy’s sense of agency, Abbie Mills and Laurel Lance are chatting over drinks at purgatory’s local pub one night when they decide to form their own superhero team-up. Clever and gutsy, the ladies rise through the ranks of the underworld by outwitting the demons’ millenniums old Good Ole Boys club, one ass-kicking at a time.

AtLA: The Next Generation

Sure, we already got the Avatar sequel series nobody asked for with Korra front and center, but it only made us all the more nostalgic for the what-might-have-been of yesteryear. With a spinoff series about the OG Team Avatar’s kids, not only would we get to see to see the gAang in all their adulting glory, but we would also get to watch all the drama play out about how it must feel to grow up with imperfect parents who also happen to be the most cherished legends in the world.

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Mary and Tom Travel to America


After Mary’s husband dies in a car accident (again), Tom decides a change of scenery is the perfect plan to cheer her up, so they pack the kids up on a steamboat and set sail for the land of the free. The two endure the Roaring ’20s and Prohibition with both Tom’s wild Irish cousins and Mary’s wilder American grandmother, but the festivities come to a halt when the stock market crashes and the Great Depression finally begins.

The Princess and the Sand Snakes

In an alternate universe where women of color are allowed agency in Westeros, the Sand Snakes run the world with their doting cousin, Princess Arianne. Nym connives on the King’s Council, Tyene sweetly sweeps up the septas, and Elia and Arianne race across the country on a mission to set the world on fire.

The Hot-Bodd Couple

After Blaine realizes that his romance with Kurt was a lovely teenage dream but ultimately a terrible marriage mistake, he moves back to Ohio and in with his best bro, Sam. With Sam’s teacher’s salary simply not cutting it and in an effort to improve Blaine’s overall melancholia, the two decide to start a cover band. Antics ensue as the two friends’ differing expectations have them butting heads both at home and on stage.

Park West Investigates

Realizing that nobody on Team Flash is ever going to take her contributory value seriously as long as she remains a cute human without superpowers, Iris West joins her old pal Linda Park in the big city to take down bad guys the old-fashioned way. A couple of scrappy ladies with something to prove and a bone to pick, they’re willing to delve darker and deeper into a story than anyone else — consequences be damned! They’ve got a license to carry and a story worth killing for.

The Bennett Witch Project

Bonnie Bennett

Tired of sacrificing herself time and again for her pasty vamp friends who seriously under-appreciate her badassery, Bonnie Bennet takes off in search of people who will actually value her agency as a human being. She finds a coven of super foxy witches hellbent on forming a new world order out of the ruins of a corrupt vampire society, but while her new family of friends struggles to save the world from the undead, Bonnie can’t help but be drawn in by their rival coven’s charismatic, chaotic, lady leader.

What television spinoffs would you like to see?

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