Despite Sony nearly declaring the Venom film adaptation “officially dead,” it looks like the character and film have been brought back up again, and may see some development soon.

When The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn’t perform like Sony had hoped, the plan for a Sinister Six movie (including Venom) was looking like it was going to be scrapped. No one seemed to want the movie, and then Spider-Man got tossed over to Marvel, where everyone thought he belonged.

All was well, at least we thought so, but the studio apparently isn’t done with Venom, who is a major character in Spider-Man’s comic book storyline. While Venom wasn’t supposed to be released until after The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (which is no longer happening), it looks like we may still see the character on the big screen.

According to THR, Sony is currently working on a Venom movie again, which will be penned by Dante Harper. The film will be all about Venom, and won’t include him as part of a supervillain team-up.

Another big difference is Venom will not take place in the same world as the upcoming solo Spider-Man movies, which will be co-created with Marvel and Sony working together with actor Tom Holland.

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Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad will be producing the Venom movie(s), as they were also overseeing the Spider-Man franchise since it hit theaters back in 2002. It feels like Venom still has some life over at Sony studios, and the team behind their comic-based films are moving forward with a solo film.

It’s interesting that they’ve decided to move forward with an anti-hero villain movie now, after Deadpool was so incredibly successful. It’s possible they may have been waiting in the shadows to see what kind of response audiences would have to a superhero that isn’t as squeaky clean as Iron Man or Captain America.

Either way, Venom is one of the best comic book villains ever created, and if done properly he could bring loads of people to the theater to see what it’s like on the evil side. The only problem is Spider-Man won’t be involved, which may be difficult to write a proper story around.

If I’m honest, it feels like it’d be better if Sony would let Marvel play around with having Venom in one or more of the solo Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland as Peter Parker considering the character’s ties to Spider-Man, but it doesn’t look like that’ll be happening due to the deal Sony struck with Marvel.

We last saw Venom when he was played by actor Topher Grace, in his cringeworthy performance in Spider-Man 3. We hope Sony finds a way to use their richly detailed comic book characters moving forward.

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