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‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Sinister Six guides: All boss battles (videos and written guides)

Our Spider-Man PS4 Sinister Six guides will get you through even the toughest of the Web-Slinger’s battles with the Sinister Six.

In these Spider-Man PS4 Sinister Six guides, I’ll provide gameplay of the full boss battle in question, along with in-depth steps on how to defeat each phase of their battle.

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Without further ado, let’s jump into the Spider-Man Sinister Six guides.

Electro and Vulture boss battle guide

This is the start of the two double boss battles. Neither is too tough if you go in with a defensive strategy, but there are some places that you can get caught off guard if you’re not prepared.

The battle starts with a 1-on-1 against Electro. Web him up before approaching, being careful to avoid his AOE lightning attack (your Circle dodge doesn’t really react to it, but it’s mostly slow moving). After you’ve webbed him up and done a combo on him, use R1 to web up the transformer he’s standing on to explode it, after which he will call Vulture into battle.

spider-man ps4 sinister six guides electro

During this 1-on-1, dodge Vulture immediately to then press Triangle to zip to him and get off a combo. Vulture will drop a line of missiles behind himself, of which you can use R1 + L1 to swing them back at him. Web him up to do some more combos on Vulture. At this point in the battle, Electro will float above doing nothing. Feel free to attack him some if you can get up that high, but it’s probably wise to concentrate on Vulture. After a certain damage threshold on Vulture, a quick cut-scene will signal Electro’s reentry into the battle.

Dodge Electro’s lightning shots, as well as his AEO lightning as before. Concentrate on webbing up Vulture and/or dodging his attacks, always using Triangle when prompted to extend your combos. After a little while of this, Vulture will tell Electro that he needs some rest, signaling another 1-on-1 with Electro. Blow up the transformer that he’s getting his power from with R1, and a quicktime cut-scene will activate. Use the Left Joystick to aim and R1 to web a piece of debris back in Electro’s direction. Then, use L2 + R2 when prompted to slam the debris into Electro. Vulture will fly down to attack, so Circle button dodge him when prompted.

Now that the quicktime sequence is over, wail some more on Vulture as Spider-Man does some devastating final blows. A cut-scene of Vulture crashing to the ground and getting arrested will play. Electro will then be standing on another transformer, and will be unleashing some widespread AEO attacks (they are still very slow). Blow up the transformer using R1 to end the battle.

Rhino and Scorpion boss battle guide

Rhino will be alone at the start of the battle, and will both charge at you, and throw shipping containers or other cement chunks. Your spidey sense doesn’t really work on any of his attacks, so concentrate on keeping your distance from him and you’ll be fine, health-wise.

Don’t bother using your web shooter on him, as his bulk and armor eat right through your shots. Use the R1 + L1 action command to knock down various heavy construction equipment on top of him. Ignore the tinier blue barrels that you can throw at him, as they do not stun Rhino. To time it, simply stand with Rhino on the other side of the map, with a construction piece in the middle of the path of where you expect him to charge at you.

spider-man ps4 boss guide rhino

Once you’ve temporarily made Rhino vulnerable with the construction piece reaction command, press the Triangle button to zip to him, and pound away. Try to convert as many of the hits as you can into air combos, as they generally generate more Focus. If you’re able, use a Triangle + Circle button combo on him to rack on some quick damage. Once he’s reached a certain combo/damage threshold, he will do a tackle move to send you flying away, so look for the signs that he’s gaining mobility again, and zip away.

After about three of these cycles with Rhino, Scorpion will jump in to help. Much like the Electro and Vulture battle, it is easier if you decide which one to take out first so as to avoid staying in the 2 v 1 battle for too long.

As soon as Scorpion’s projectile venom attacks start flying, you’ll realize just how small this shipping dock battleground is. Don’t let the cramped spacing panic you, as this team battle is still slightly easier than the Electro and Vulture one. I suggest fighting Scorpion first, as he makes fighting Rhino nearly impossible while the two are in battle together.

spider-man ps4 boss guide scorpion

Just like you did during the Electro and Vulture segments, you want to make sure you’re only approaching Scorpion while he is fully entangled in your webbing. Press R1 when you have him in your direct line of sight and he is fairly close.

Scorpion will often perch himself on a shipping container after he’s jumped around a bit. Web sling around the outside of the battle stage until he perches, and then hit him with the full extent of your vanilla Web Shooter using R1. It is important that you use all six bars of the Web Shooter, else he will still be unattackable. Press the Triangle button to zip to Scorpion when he is all webbed up.

Rhino may try to hit you while you’re combo-ing an incapacitated and webbed up Scorpion, but if he does, he may end up doing some damage to Scorpion too. It is still fairly difficult to avoid Rhino’s bulk as he rams into you, so if you get low on health, web sling around the outside of the stage and concentrate on dodging Scorpion’s venom shots with the Circle Button to generate more Focus to heal with.

Once you’ve beaten up on Scorpion around four or five times, he will fall in battle, leaving you 1-on-1 with Rhino once again. He doesn’t have any new tricks or desperation moves, so simply follow the same R1 + L1 action commands as before and he should be down in two or three combos.

Mr. Negative boss battle guide

This battle is probably the hardest in the game, but it is nowhere near impossible with some basic strategy. Mr. Negative can spawn more of the shadow people that he made during the hallucination sequence when Spider-Man was infected during the car chase. This time, there are a lot more, they crowd around you, and the can even get some mid-grade Demon weaponry. Fret not, as your goal is always going to remain the same here: dodge Mr. Negative until he needs to recharge so you can wail on him. Once again, just like with Rhino, don’t bother trying to web-sling him, as his negative energy state will just absorb the web.

The battle starts with just you and Mr. Negative on the battleground. He will do blasts of energy attacks if you are staying away from him, and will do a lot of twirly sword swings if you are on the ground. Your spidey sense does a great job of warning you just as he’s about to attack, save for the long-charge shockwave attack that he does.

spider-man ps4 sinister six guides mr negative

Just like in the subway battle, if you see Mr. Negative holding his hands down and charging for a while, don’t trust the Circle button dodge; instead, web-sling away to get out of the attack’s area of effect. Toss computers at him with L1 + R1 to sneak in some extra damage and to interrupt some of his attacks.

As the battle goes on, and you damage him past a certain threshold, Mr. Negative will once again spawn the large demon. It will do some pretty predictable claw swing attacks, and you should have no trouble dodging them if you are web-slinging around the stage.

spider-man sinister six guides my negative demon

As the more advanced ads spawn, you may find it easier to defeat some of them so as to gain better access to Mr. Negative while he is recharging his energy. Use AEO attacks like the upgraded upper cut or the ground impact to get rid of as many of them as possible in quick fashion. Holding Square mid-air and doing a web-sling attack is generally a safe means of attacking the ads.

You can try to sneak in some hits here and now after you’ve dodged one of his attacks, but it’s generally easier to just wait for his recharges. Pressing Triangle to zip to him when he is recharging doesn’t work as it should often, so you might want to get close to him and mash on Square instead.

Spider-Man will announce when Mr. Negative’s health is getting low. Hit Mr. Negative with a couple of more combos to end the battle.

Doc Ock boss battle guide

Doc Ock has a couple of phases, and has a desperation move that he pulls out after certain damage thresholds, but all in all, if you know what you’re doing, you can relax a lot more here than you could in the Mr. Negative boss battle.

His attacks are pretty easily dodge-able with either the Circle button or a well timed X button press. He will throw large chunks of whatever he can find on top of the Oscop building, all of which you can toss back at him with R1 + L1. His metal tentacles have decent range, but don’t hit as hard as you would think. Dodge them with a well-timed Circle button press. When in doubt, swing around the entire building, and he will have trouble keeping up with you, giving you time to dodge and heal.

You’re automatically equipped with the Anti Ock suit, which has the ability to regenerate tool ammo when you press L3 + R3. However, it will likely be easier to swing around for a bit while you wait for your web shooters to recharge.

spider-man ps4 sinister six guides doc ock

Just like with Scorpion, Vulture, and Electro, you only want to approach him when you have fully webbed the Doc up. He will take about two full bars of your web shooter to become temporarily incapacitated, after which you will be able to zip forward to him using the Triangle button.

After about four or five combo cycles on Doc Ock (or even less if you have a Triangle + Circle takedown), he’ll say “enough of this” and start a cut-scene demonstrating his desperation move. He will strike the tower in the center with his tentacles, setting fire to the battlefield. As he is doing this, he will also toss something that looks like helicopters at you.

As soon as you are given control after the end of the cut-scene, immediately web-sling off of the ground. Swing around the building until you can catch one of the helicopters to R1 + L1 it back at him, thus ending the desperation move. Combo him as before by webbing him up, being careful to not get too greedy once he starts to gain back his movement.

spider-man ps4 sinister six guides doc ock finale

He will activate the desperation move once again after about four combos, marked by the “Enough of this!” dialogue again. This time, the fire is everywhere on the ground, but the same technique follows as before. Once he’s done with this phase, he will require around three more webbed up combos before the final phase begins.

In the final battle on the side of the Oscorp Building, you no longer have a health bar, so have at it and have fun. You can crawl as close as possible to him, as long as you’re ready to press Circle as soon as he tries to attack. Spider-Man will combo him until he does a headkick. After about seven of the headkick finishers, Doc Ock will go down, ending the game.

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