2:35 pm EDT, July 8, 2015

Oscar winner Marisa Tomei cast as Aunt May in new ‘Spider-Man’ movies

While Sony and Marvel have their new Spider-Man in Tom Holland, Aunt May was still up in the air. Variety is reporting Aunt May will be portrayed by actress Marisa Tomei.

Aunt May is always an important part of the Spider-Man storyline, as she’s the mother figure for Peter Parker, and since he’ll be in high school we think Marisa Tomei is a very inspiring casting choice. Variety reports that Tomei has officially nabbed the role, but there’s nothing from the studios yet confirming her involvement.

Everyone is going to be younger in this Spider-Man storyline, which means we shouldn’t expect Aunt May to be any different. Tomei is a brilliant actress, and with roles in The Wrestler, The Ides of March, and not to mention My Cousin Vinny, where she won her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, we think she’ll be a perfect Aunt May for a very young Peter Parker.

There’s so many pieces to the puzzle of creating a new Spider-Man, and with the difficulties that Sony and Marvel had deciding on Tom Holland as Peter Parker, we’re glad Tomei seemed to grab the role pretty quickly.

The report suggests the Oscar-winning actress will play Aunt May in multiple films, so we imagine it’s possible she’ll be involved in Spider-Man’s films outside of his solo franchise. This feels like solid casting, and we look forward to seeing Marisa Tomei as Aunt May in the new Spider-Man franchise.

Source: Variety

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