8:15 pm EDT, August 3, 2015

Spider-Man may have much larger role in ‘Civil War’ than initially reported

A stuntman wearing Spider-Man's suit on Captain America: Civil War's set has us thinking he'll have much more than a cameo.

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Tom Holland will be playing Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, and while it was originally reported to be a cameo, new reports suggest it may end up being a much larger role.

Recent reports have stated that actor Tom Holland was seen on the set of Captain America: Civil War shooting his cameo as Spider-Man for just a few days. This made us think he was most likely only doing a very small cameo in the film, despite earlier reports suggesting he’d have a sizeable role in the film due to the comic storyline.

Now, it seems that the first few shoot days were just a test for Tom, and we may be seeing more than a cameo from the web-slinger in Civil War. Why is this important? Well, Spider-Man is becoming extremely important to Marvel and its franchise, so the Civil War storyline may be different than we expected.

Birth.Movies.Death reports that a stunt man has been seen on the set of Civil War in Spider-Man’s suit, which is surprising considering we’ve yet to see the new suit, and a picture of this new suit would probably break the internet for at least a few hours.

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But the site assures fans that Spider-Man has been on set since Tom Holland wrapped his “cameo,” which means we could be getting a bigger storyline. Why else would Spider-Man be on set for such a long period of time?

Captain America: Civil War is possibly the most highly-anticipated Marvel film of the next few years, due to the fact that Cap and Iron Man will be facing off. Plus, The Winter Soldier was arguably the best Marvel film since the first Iron Man landed in 2008, and the same directors are at the helm of Civil War.

It’s also becoming increasing more interesting due to Spider-Man’s involvement, since it’ll be the first time the character appears in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Seeing the web-slinger in the highly-anticipated film will be incredibly exciting, and will be the beginning of a new wave of Spider-Man films.

While fans have been split on Tom Holland being cast as Spider-Man, we imagine those concerned will quickly forget about any shortcomings when the Russo brothers toss him into Captain America: Civil War’s inevitably epic storyline.

Spider-Man’s first appearance will occur in Captain America: Civil War, which will hit theaters May 6, 2016. The first solo Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland will hit theaters July 28, 2017.

Would you like to see more of Spider-Man in ‘Civil War,’ or would you rather wait for him to have his first solo movie?

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