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Speak Yourself with help from BTS on World Mental Health Day

BTS has built a community where fans can come together and connect through their pain and how the band has helped them to learn to love themselves.

“I really want to say that everyone in the world is lonely and everyone is sad, and if we know that everyone is suffering and lonely, I hope we can create an environment where we can ask for help, and say things are hard when they’re hard, and say that we miss someone when we miss them.” – Min Yoongi

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Maybe it was when you were crying in your bedroom. Or dealing with the fresh, open wounds of grief. Perhaps, “I’m just a little sad,” turned into questioning your life. We hide things behind our eyes and force our cries for help down our throats and it’s why we don’t realize how many people are dealing with more than perceived. Our troubles seem to single us out and yet something comes to lift up the veil revealing experiences of people worldwide.

To feel alone and unheard is a side-effect of our problems, insecurity over speaking up, and difficult obstacles to break. There is importance in being open and not just for one’s self. It can create a ripple effect. A wave of people raising their hands to say, “I feel it too,” because one person said it first. If this only helps one person, makes a small difference, or a bit of inspiration, it would be worth it.

BTS has been the motivation for doing just this. Motivating thousands to develop self love and be our true selves. 
Min Yoongi explained, “If they talk about it openly — if they talk about depression for example like it’s the common cold, then it becomes more and more accepted if it’s a common disorder like the cold. More and more, I think artists or celebrities who have a voice should talk about these problems and bring it up to the surface.”

The truth is, it’s hard to express the emotions you’re going through. For ARMY, BTS has become a catalyst for building a community where fans can express the comfort BTS’ lyrics have given them. We can look at lyrics and say “that’s me. I see myself in this.” To resonate with something so deep inside of us or hard to deal with, becomes significant piece of your life.

Fans are always posting about how BTS is there for them.

BTS began their career in 2013. They were young but wise and wanted to empathize with people and speak out on their behalf. This goal has grown with them and their global audience is thankful for everything the band has done.

As for me, I could spend hours crying only to smile and laugh when watching BTS V Lives. The lyrics made me understand how much of a mask I really did wear. Slowly taking off the mask opened my eyes to so many people around the world who have faced the same struggles and aspirations as me.

A flower that looks like you bloomed in the garden of loneliness
. I wanted to give it to you
 after taking off this silly mask. 
But I know
 that I can’t never ever do so 
that I have to hide myself. -“The Truth Untold”

I remember reading the lyrics for “The Truth Untold.” I had never found something that described my feelings and thoughts so completely. The song really painted a picture of what I was going through. From then on, I realized these guys are not afraid to really show what pain of depression feels like. This honesty drew me in and It made me respect them and what they do even more.

My first comeback album, Love Yourself: Tear, had a real sense of catharsis; it’s emotional expression of pain and sadness and the story of realizing you’re hiding yourself because you feel inferior.

Then, they move us into Love Yourself: Answer about, not only self love, but acceptance and patience with oneself too. It’s an astounding accomplishment of narrative and resounding a meaningful topic and theme.

Used to, I wished that I’d discovered BTS earlier in life. However, in retrospect, it was perfect timing. Like many BTS fans, I found them when I needed them most. The group surprised me when I saw their transparency. They know that’s what people need in a world filled with fakes and manufactured remedies. The music comes from a desire to help people while telling stories that relate to listeners.

Jung Hoseok said, “Being able to provide comfort and healing through music to many people. Become another lifestyle to some people. I still find all of this incredible and amazing. And now, it’s still amazing but there’s also a sense of responsibility. There’s a great sense of responsibility because we give hope and healing to a great many people. And that’s why I don’t take music lightly anymore. Not when it comes to music.”

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Unfortunately, no matter how large their influence becomes, the members are humans unable to escape their internal judgment. When Jungkook got injured before performing in London, he talked about his negative mindset and getting past self blame.

“Getting hurt like this, I got really mad. It was bewildering. I blamed myself a lot. If it happened last year, I might have fallen into a slump. But if I do that, it doesn’t help anything. I’d make everyone else uncomfortable. I don’t think that’s helpful at all.”

BTS advocates for mental health through their music, speeches, and actions. Many songs of theirs describe anxiety and depression while alleviating the pain it inflicts. Min Yoongi’s (aka Agust D) mixtape bluntly describes what it’s like to battle your mentality.

Sometimes I’m afraid of myself
. Thanks to self-hatred and depression that came to play again. – “The Last”

Probably one of the most honest songs about psychological issues, “The Last” is Yoongi opening the door to the darkest corners of his life. His straightforward description of depression and anxiety allows him to personify these thoughts and feelings instead of pushing them down inside. Negative thoughts create fear while and fear heightens anxiety.

On my first visit to a psychiatrist, my parents came to Seoul and had a consultation with me. 
My parents said they didn’t know me well. 
I don’t know myself well either. Then who would know? (Who knows?) – “The Last”

Depression can feel like a dark tunnel. Just tripping towards whatever I hope is my future. It sucks all color from life. Being seriously motivated and inspired one week turns into not being able to touch whatever was worked on last week. It feels like my chest burns when this anxiety runs throughout my body and the fear of failure and regret enhance that burning. It’s suffocating. Almost like a monster is trying to crawl up my throat. The pain chokes me with all of the very things I hate most.

Yet, BTS lyrics are soothing, genuinely personal, and have a way of describing exactly how you feel and think. It’s something people tend to overlook when they’re trying to find something wrong with the boy group. Many paint the band as a pop band only girls go “crazy” after because of their looks. If someone was to look deeper into their message, they’d realize that trashing their music is dragging down lyrics about finding sympathy for ourselves.

No other company I know states they make music for healing yet BTS have definitely created masterpieces that not only captivate people and interest them into delving into their universe, but bring together individuals through remedial lyrics.

These wings, although they came out of pain, 
are wings towards the light. 
Even if it’s tiring and hurting, 
if I can fly away, I’ll fly
. So that I won’t be afraid anymore,
 would you hold my hand. 
Because, you and I, if we’re together,
 we can smile. – “You Never Walk Alone”

“You Never Walk Alone,” precedes the love yourself series. It includes allusions to “The One’s Who Walk Away From Omelas,” a story that bases a town’s happiness off of one child’s misery. Essentially, BTS is walking fans out of their own Omelas to find true joy instead of hiding yourself to please others.

Jungkook said, “I believe there are many fans and people who’ve been comforted after listening to our music. We need to understand them, and say the things we need to say for these times, messages that can help the world.” It’s a constant battle of having to explain yourself or justify yourself because your thoughts may be confusing or hard to be spoken of.

But music can help express these thoughts and guide us to people with similar realities. When I see someone struggling, they become so hard on themselves, and I tell them things I should’ve also told myself: it’s okay to mess up. As long as you learn from your mistakes, they are useful.

I’m reminded of the Lyrics from “Answer: Love Myself,” “Let’s be honest and admit what we have to admit, that your standards are more strict when they are applied to you.” Even though it’s difficult to accept that I cannot control these emotions, I’m finding a way to use these annoying “flaws.” BTS has been one of few catalysts to help me begin “speaking myself.” So, I hope it can be yours too.

As Seokjin said, “Your presence can give happiness. I hope you remember that.”

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