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Sorting ‘Hamilton’ into Hogwarts Houses

Celebrate freedom with Hamilton at Hogwarts.

Sure, back in the day these guys fought tooth and nail to rid themselves of the British, but 240 years later we’re all friends now, so I’m sure the fictionalized version of Hamilton’s Founding Fathers would have a blast at Hogwarts. After all, Lin-Manuel Miranda already is magic.

Alexander Hamilton — Slytherin


Cunning, ambitious, creative, resourceful, loyal, and perceptive, Alexander Hamilton is the definition of everything a Slytherin has the potential to be. He’s a scrappy survivor who’s learned that he has to fight for his shot, and he’s acutely aware that too many people have sacrificed too much for him not to write and fight like he’s running out of time. He’s emotionally invested in every minute, every moment, and yet he’s always looking ahead, knowing he has to plan for the next hurricane coming his way. Devoted to his people as much as he is to his ideals, he always believes he knows best, and it’s this ego that has helped him succeed in a world where he knows he will always have something to prove.

George Washington — Gryffindor

Washington Hamilton

A hot-headed youth who made a lot of mistakes, George Washington becomes the wise, steady presence needed during the American Revolution and tumultuous years that follow. He has a courageous heart, but he lets experience teach him, and humility guide him. The unanimous pick to be our country’s founding leader, he believes in the importance of learning from differing points of view, and always tries to steer the country away from divisive party politics and toward American unity. Despite his sensible nature, he’s never lost his chivalrous sense of daring — after all, he did bet on the underdogs in choosing to fight for the Revolution. Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve, right?

Thomas Jefferson — Ravenclaw

Jefferson Hamilton

The wit and wisdom of Thomas Jefferson is well-recorded considering he wrote the single most important document in our country’s history, the Declaration of Independence. A uniquely original man, Jefferson is a dreamer who some might accuse of being more dreamy than practical. Still, despite his self-involved nature, his intelligence and creativity can’t be dismissed. He’s a one-of-a-kind kind of man, even if his pretty words don’t always follow through with his actions.

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James Madison — Hufflepuff

Madison Hamilton

A brilliant writer and politician, the Father of the Constitution often chooses to take the back seat and let his mentor and friend, Thomas Jefferson, shine. But while he sometimes get overshadowed by Jefferson in the show, Madison’s contributions to the founding of our country are his own. A trustworthy, just individual, he not only took it upon himself to draft the Bill of Rights, but he also reached across party lines to help Hamilton defend the Constitution by co-authoring the Federalist Papers. A dedicated, hardworking man despite his ailments, his focus is making our new nation strong and stable for generations to come.

Aaron Burr — Slytherin

Burr Hamilton

The Slughorn of Slytherins, Burr shares many similarities with his political rival and theatrical costar, Hamilton. An ambitious man, he’s clever enough to know the steps he needs to take to achieve his goals, and perceptive enough to understand the political machinations that are happening around him. He never does anything without making sure it furthers his endgame, and despite his resourcefulness and cunning, it’s his own selfishness that becomes his political downfall as his lack of set beliefs makes him difficult to trust. Despite this, we learn Burr is actually deeply loyal — it’s just that his loyalties lie with his daughter, not the men he works with.

John Laurens — Gryffindor

Laurens Hamilton

A reckless sweetheart full of good intentions, while others are often all talk, John Laurens is about action. When he has big ideas, he carries them through, never letting the limitations that others see deter him, and his life-long pursuit to end slavery was a practical sort of idealism — a legacy of chivalry when so many people chose to remain silent.

Marquis de Lafayette — Gryffindor

Lafayette Hamilton

Lafayette is the definition of daring. A Founding Father to two countries, he brought independence to America and then moved onto France. Loyal to his friends, he’s got the kind of tactical brilliance and dauntless bravery needed to win wars and start revolutions. Immigrants: they get the job done.

Hercules Mulligan — Gryffindor

Hercules Mulligan Hamilton

As one of Washington’s spies, Hercules Mulligan needs to be secretive in his chivalry. It takes nerves of steal to live life amongst the enemy and risk death as a traitor, but for this Son of Liberty, arrogance might just be his saving grace as his courageous heart wins out, and he remains loyal to the cause, providing life-saving information to Washington exactly when it’s needed.

Angelica Schuyler — Slytherin

Angelica Hamilton

It’s hard being the oldest and the wittiest when the gossip in New York is insidious. Angelica has a thirst for life, and yet she’s pragmatic enough to understand she has to play by the rules that society has imposed upon her if she wants to meet her own ambitions. She’s fiercely loyal to her sister, but her visionary spirit draws her towards Alexander’s brilliance. Keenly perceptive, she has an intuitive knack for sizing people up and recognizing their faults, predicting the consequences of their temperament before they even act. Used to being the most interesting person in the room, she’s a woman searching for a revolution and a revelation.

Eliza Hamilton — Hufflepuff

Eliza Hamilton

Eliza knows what she wants: a simple, happy life with the most fascinating man she’s ever met. She doesn’t have her husband or even her sister’s aspirations, because Eliza is wise enough to understand the importance of being grateful for the present. A warm, kind person, both Alexander and Angelica rely on her to smooth out their edges. She is exceptional in her humility. A remarkable woman in her own right, the focus of her life was turning the focus on others. From promoting Washington’s legacy to restoring her husband’s, her later years proved what her husband surely always knew: she was a fiercely dedicated person, unafraid to take the hard road when she knew it was worth it.

And Peggy — Squib

Peggy Hamilton

Daddy said to be home by sundown and not to go downtown, but she worked it anyway, so good on you, Peggy.

Which Hogwarts houses would you sort ‘Hamilton’s’ Founding Fathers into?

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