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The Sorting Hat: If the ‘Downton Abbey’ characters went to Hogwarts (part 2)

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Last week we sorted our beloved Crawleys into Hogwarts, and this week we’re taking a stab at our favorite downstairs darlings!

It’s been over a week since our favorite Antiques Roadshow lead-in ended its all-too-short season with a royal ball extravaganza (complete with a few misdemeanors). But as we begin to put away our stash of Sunday night sherry, we’ve still got a little time left to sit back and appreciate the men and women downstairs who make the Crawleys looks so, so good.

They might not get to wear the fancy dresses, and they might not get to drive the fancy cars (unless they’re the chauffeur, of course), but the truth is that the servants are the heart that keeps Downton up and running, and truly they are the spirit that keeps us tuning in to Downton Abbey anxiously.

So, without further ado, we present part two of our Sorting Hat: Downton Abbey addition. Which Downton Abbey servants made the cut into your favorite House?

Mr. Carson – Slytherin


A true traditionalist, Carson values the formality and elegant nature of the past. A stubborn man who sticks to his ideals, he has to be prodded into accepting the changing times. Carson has great respect for the aristocracy, and he takes pride in his role as the butler at Downton Abbey. A hardworking, determined man, he effectively and efficiently works to ensure Downton’s success, at least in its reputation. A true leader in the house with a commanding as well as reassuring presence, Carson is the father figure at Downton both downstairs, and on occasion upstairs as well. In his staff he values hard work and humility, and in the Crawleys he treasures spirit and class.

Carson loves Downton more than anything, except perhaps his dear Lady Mary. It’s when comforting the spirited young woman he’s watched grow up that Carson truly shows the soft side to his strict, stern exterior and we realize that as much as this serious man values the traditions of the past. In the end Carson understands that houses are not so important as people, and the people he loves deserve the very best — even if that means bending the rules of polite aristocratic society.

Mrs. Hughes – Ravenclaw

Mrs. Hughes

A practical woman, Mrs. Hughes truly appreciates the Crawleys as employers, but does not worship them as Carson does. She takes great pride in her work as head housekeeper, but she does not define herself as a human being by the job that she has, and so she is able to see each individual at Downton Abbey as a whole person with both faults and virtues.

A smart, wise woman, she is the voice of reason that characters both downstairs and upstairs turn to when in need. The fact that she is both kind and pragmatic is invaluable, as she is always willing to help those who are suffering, but will also never sugarcoat the situation and so can offer realistic solutions. We treasure her for her witty quips and ability to put every individual at Downton Abbey in his or her place with her real-talk lectures.

Mrs. Patmore – Hufflepuff

Mrs. Patmore

Mrs. Patmore is not a frolicker, and she is offended that you would even suggest it. Although she can occasionally appear gruff because her high stress work environment often leaves her prone to yelling, Mrs. Patmore is truly a kind and inclusive woman — most shown in the way she essentially took in and raised Daisy.

Perhaps more than any other character in the series, Mrs. Patmore is resistant to change and new technologies as she fears it will eventually make her redundant. Incredibly loyal, she fights for Daisy to achieve all that she can, and truly wants the best life for the young girl. A stubborn, determined woman, Mrs. Patmore’s age makes her wise in the childish love lives of the downstairs youngins, and though she frequently snaps at Daisy like she was her own daughter, she also loves her like her own as well.

Anna Bates – Gryffindor

Anna Downton Abbey

A fierce, spirited little thing, Anna is a strong, determined woman whose loyalty — though admirable — can border on the unreasonable. Always thinking of others before herself, Anna is willing to risk everything for those she loves. Of course, it is this unfailing loyalty that makes Anna a true Gryffindor, and one of the main reasons why we would always want this lady on our side. Brave, kind, and irrefutably selfless, Anna is definitely the woman we’d want helping us drag dead bodies through the Downton corridors.

Anna’s bravery lends her an independent spirit because she isn’t afraid of the opinions of others — she just wants to lead a peaceful, happy life. Like Mrs. Hughes, Anna is generally the most practical and reasonable person in the room, and the advice that she gives is truly the best because it comes from a place of sincerity — she is compassionate, yet realistic about life’s difficulties.

Mr. Bates – Hat Stall: Gryffindor/Slytherin

Mr. Bates

A complicated man, when Mr. Bates first showed up in series 1 of Downton, we could have never guessed the depths of darkness beneath his calm, determined exterior. A favorite at Downton both upstairs and downstairs due to his strong work ethic and sensible behavior, his character is never doubted within the house — even when all the cards are stacked against him.

The Crawleys would surely agree that Bates is Gryffindor, through and through. Brave in the face of adversity, Bates is fiercely loyal, and with his graceful manners is the picture of chivalry. But since series 3, we’ve had the chance to see a different side to Mr. Bates — one that he keeps well controlled while at Downton. Bates certainly has a dodgy past, and we’ve found out that this quiet man has quite the temper when provoked. We know that Bates is not only clever, but cunning, using his skills to manipulate those around him. And he is loyal beyond measure, yes, but it is difficult to gage his true loyalties beyond his wife, Anna. He appreciates the Crawleys surely, but like Mrs. Hughes, he is too sensible to be able to truly love them, even so far as Robert seems to care for him. His difficult life has left him unable to be guarded and self-preserving, but he still strives to be a good man — the kind of man that Anna deserves.

Turn to page 2 to find out where our favorite Downton villains and downstairs youngsters have been sorted!

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