11:00 pm EST, December 9, 2014

Sony hack reveals Spider-Man crossover talks with Marvel, animated Spider-Man comedy

Sony’s recent troubles with their database being hacked has revealed loads of secret information, including talks which could have allowed Marvel to use Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and an animated Spider-Man movie with The Lego Movie creators.

According to documents from the hack obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Sony had talked about plans to allow Marvel to use Spider-Man in their Captain America threequel. Sony chief Amy Pascal reportedly spoke with Marvel about specifically allowing Peter Parker to be part of Captain America: Civil War.

Other emails between Pascal, Doug Belgrad, and Disney’s Bob Iger suggested allowing Marvel to produce a trilogy of new Spider-Man films as long as Sony remained in control of marketing and distribution. This is obviously something that would benefit both studios, as well as fans that want to see Spider-Man in new, successful movies.

Possibly the biggest news is that the Sony hack has revealed they’re currently working on an animated Spider-Man comedy film with The Lego Movie duo Chris Miller and Phil Lord. This looks like it’s the one thing that Sony is actually going to be moving forward with, unlike the Spider-Man/Captain America crossover.

The Lego Movie was a massive hit, pulling in $468 million worldwide, and easily creating a franchise out of what was a fairly big gamble. Chris Miller and Phil Lord wrote and directed The Lego Movie, and according to hacked documents, they’ll be doing the same for Sony with an animated Spider-Man comedy.

The Spider-Man/Marvel crossover talks apparently broke down over dozens of emails between Marvel and Sony execs, with Sony deciding to move on with new Spider-Man films on their own. Sinister Six and Venom were mentioned in the hacked documents, which we’ve already known about, despite their production being delayed.

We imagine a lot of fans will be disappointed that the two studios couldn’t come to an agreement which would have allowed Spider-Man to join his fellow Avengers, but the animated Spider-Man film with The Lego Movie creators should make fans very excited.

Let us know what you think about The Lego Movie creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller working on an animated Spider-Man comedy, and if you’re disappointed to hear that Sony and Marvel couldn’t come to an agreement about having Spidey join Captain America: Civil War.

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