7:00 pm EST, November 8, 2012

Sneak peek of ‘Teen Wolf’s’ Tyler Posey on ‘This Is How I Made It,’ talks auditioning for ‘Twilight’

Tyler Posey will be on our TV screens a little sooner than the rest of the Teen Wolf cast thanks to a new MTV series called This Is How I Made It. Check out this sneak peek where he talks about auditioning for the role of Jacob Black!

The video starts off with Posey talking about his ethnicity and how he was, as a child, usually cast in ethnic roles. One such role was Ty Ventura in Maid in Manhattan where he played the son of Jennifer Lopez’s character.

He also goes on to say how often he got turned down: “One out of, maybe, 3,000 auditions I booked, which is an intense ratio.” But he says he doesn’t dwell on the rejections, adding, “that mentality really helps in this career.”

Posey talks about Taylor Lautner and how they grew up in the same town and had very similar career paths. Both Posey and Lautner often ended up in the same audition room and eventually became friends. Unfortunately for Posey (but fortunately for Lautner), our favorite teen wolf didn’t get the coveted Twilight role.

But hey, it looks like he got to become a werewolf after all!

Check out the video from MTV below:

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This is How I Made It aims to give viewers advice about how to be successful, straight from celebrities who know what it takes. Previous stars have included 2 Chainz, Mac Miller, and Naya Rivera, among others.

Tyler Posey and Meek Mill’s episode will air on Saturday, November 10 at 12 p.m. EST on MTV.

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