A Harry Potter fan has put Severus Snape’s most important scenes in chronological order, and the video is making some people rethink their feelings for the character.

The 15-minute video presents a unique look into Snape’s arc because the Harry Potter books and films took their time in revealing bits and pieces of his life. Presented this way, some people in the fandom can’t help but forgive him for his asshole-ish attitude.

The question, however, is this: Are we supposed to forgive Severus? The way he treated Harry and others over the years was his ill-advised way of dealing with his own pain. A better person would’ve been kinder to Harry despite James’ actions, for example.

Snape was a jerk for no good reason, and no one should think differently no matter what they feel after watching the below video:

One thing’s for sure: This video makes us re-appreciate the amazing backstory J.K. Rowling developed for Snape over seven books.

Snape: Do you feel for the guy?

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