3:45 pm EST, August 8, 2018

Luigi dies & more shocking moments from today’s ‘Smash’ Direct

By Mitchel Clow | Edited by Karen Rought

Smash Direct: Nintendo’s excuse to kill off main series mascot characters in horrific ways.

Today’s Smash Direct was full of more surprises than a Mario series ? mark block.

From new character announcements to cold-blooded murder, the Smash Direct chose to go for the low blows.

Needless to say, My Body Was Not Ready and I may never truly recover.

Here are the most shocking moments to happen during Nintendo’s half-hour Smash Direct.

Luigi was sliced in half and died

smash direct luigi dies ghost

Guys, this is canon. The Reaper from the Castlevania series chopped the green plumber in two.

During the Richter and Simon reveal, Luigi is shown exploring Dracula’s castle with his trusty Poltergust 3000 vacuum.

After encountering a mummy, Luigi throws a plunger at the creature’s face, to no avail. Running away from the undead, Luigi meets his fate with Death Himself.

smash direct luigi dies reaper

At the end of the Castlevania reveal trailer, Luigi’s ghost seems like it wants to re-enter his body. Is this a temporary death, like all of those times Ash died in the Pokémon anime?

I’m not sure who had a worse fate: Luigi in this trailer, or Mario, who was speared through the heart in Ridley’s reveal trailer.

The ‘Smash’ Direct plays with our hearts with King DDD’s King K. Rool costume

smash direct donkey kong and diddy kong shocked

The Kongs’ eyes went wide as our pulses pounded. Then, it was just King DDD in a costume.

While DDD is known for being a prankster, this was some next level mind play.

Complete with a realistic-looking face mask, crown, and scarf, DDD nearly made Donkey Kong regurgitate that banana that he wolfed down seconds before.

smash direct king k rool reveal

DDD laughing afterward was hilarious, and only makes me want to see more of his shenanigans in the upcoming unannounced main menu option (Subspace Emmisarry sequel, please).

Can you imagine if Nintendo trolled us by not revealing King K. Rool here? As if the Waluigi stans weren’t already vocal, just imagine the pitchforks Nintendo would face for that bait and switch.

Chrom is actually Roy’s echo fighter, not Ike’s

smash direct chrom announcement

Don’t let the Aether up-B move confuse you. The official Smash Bros. series Facebook page confirmed that Chrom is indeed Roy’s echo fighter.

There are a lot of reasons this seems odd, and personally, I’m not buying it.

Up-B similarities alone, Chrom seems to hit just as hard as Ike. His sword is a bit longer than Roy’s, and he doesn’t have any of the same flame effects.

smash direct chrom and lucina

Why bother making a clone of a clone? Roy stems from Marth in Melee, which sort of gives credence to the Attack of the Clones jokes for the Smash series.

Much like the bait and tease with King K. Rool in this Smash Direct, Chrom was teased way back in Robin’s announcement trailer in Smash 4. While he was present in Robin’s final smash, the Fire Emblem fan-favorite is finally going to be a playable fighter.

What’s next?

smash direct ultimate menu

While the mysterious menu option is pretty blurred out, there have been some on Twitter theorizing that say the Japanese words are representative of the English word for “spirit.”

Does this mean that Mega Man, Mario, and Luigi’s deaths will all be canon and part of the game’s plot?

Perhaps, but only time will tell if Nintendo will continue the bloodbath with other video game series mascots. I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you, Pikachu.

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