Sleepy Hollow hasn’t been renewed for season 4, but it hasn’t been cancelled yet either! In this article I take a look at what possible arcs we can look forward to extending, should the show get renewed after the season finale.

I really want Sleepy Hollow to be renewed, I do. But with the ratings tanking ever since season 2 and the show being moved to Fridays, I have no idea how that’s going to happen.

That said, there are a few plot points that the show has to finish this season because otherwise fans will go berserk, and I’ve decided to figure out what plot points are going to stay open for a new season, should the show get renewed, and which will end within the next three episodes of the current season.

The end

Naturally, the obvious response here is going to be the entire plot revolving around The Hidden One. He’s cool and all, but he’s not series-long-villain-cool, and we already have seem him get defeated multiple times despite wanting to kill the Witnesses last week.

How it’s going to end: Likely a huge battle between him and the two Witnesses, and I’m going to take a stab at it and say that Pandora is going to aid in his failure. He’s pretty pissed at Pandora for hiding the emblem from him, and I don’t think Pandora is going to take any sort of punishment from him without standing up for herself. She may be weak, but she’s not that weak.

Along with the Hidden One plot, I have a feeling that the FBI plot is going to either wrap up or get way smaller at the end of the season. It’s a cool concept, having Abbie work for the FBI, but it’s gotten the show nowhere really, other than introducing yet another character that’s been jaded by her past supernatural experiences. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not okay with that ship they’re trying to sail between Abbie and her boss.


To be continued…

It’s far easier to assume and guess which plots will continue if the show survives because they’ve introduced two major arcs that absolutely cannot be solved within the span of just three episodes. Well, they could if they push it, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

The first arc being, of course, Abbie’s father. If the show continues, I imagine him being a more regular character (still recurring, but more often) as he is a major source of information for Abbie. She knows virtually nothing about him or his past, and where his own family tree leads. The connection here is worth exploring, and it’s one of the reasons I’m actually kind of excited about a potential fourth season.

The second arc is heavily related, if not directly related to the first. We discovered that Ichabod and Abbie’s roles as Witnesses is something that they’ve been born into, and their family lines have existed far longer than most. I’m extremely interested to see where this arc leads, especially given the fact that we don’t know anything about Ichabod’s parentage or his family history from before the 18th century.

Where exactly from London does he hail from, who are his parents exactly? What supernatural things were they up to way back in the 18th and 17th century before the political explosion that was America? These are all questions I want to see explored in season 4, if there is one.


Up in the air

The only arc I’m not entirely positive about is Jenny and Joe’s relationship. While Joe just managed to de-Wendigo himself in the last episode, the two are just too happy for a show about a potential apocalypse. Jenny has finally found someone she can trust and love that’s not a family relation, and Joe finally accepted himself for who he is.

But with their newfound happiness, I’m guessing there’s going to be more trouble, because no one is in more danger of being killed than those who are in love and have an obvious weak link. I don’t want either of them to get killed or for them to break up, but I’m just saying here that if you’re going to have a show about an apocalypse, relationships don’t generally last well if it’s not the series finale.

What do you think will happen with ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Which plots do you think are going to continue past this season if the show gets renewed, and which will end? Or do you just think the show is doomed and won’t even think about the possibilities of a fourth season? Let us know in the comments!

Sleepy Hollow returns tonight on Fox at 8:00 pm Eastern.

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