At last, Bethesda has announced the first downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, entitled Dawnguard. Also, today Xbox 360 players will be able to download the Kinect update, which features hundreds of voice commands.

The first DLC for Skyrim is Dawnguard, according to Bethesda’s Blog. The posting says the DLC will release this summer but no specific date or any other details were given. Bethesda promises more details are coming at E3.

And there’s more: Kinect support comes to Xbox 360 in a patch today; enabling players to use voice commands for shouts, trading and other UI interactions. For example, players can shout either “Fus ro dah!” or “Unrelenting force” to see their character’s opponent blasted backwards, usually over the nearest cliff. If you haven’t caught Skyrim’s Kinect trailer already, or just fancy another look at the update in action, check it out below.

The Kinect update will only be available in English to begin with. French, German, Italian and Spanish commands are still being tested but will be available in time, Bethesda assured fans on their blog. The full list of English voice commands is available here.

What a day for Skyrim fans! What are you hoping for out of Dawnguard?

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