Today Bethesda released details of the upcoming 1.5 update to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with a beta version now available for PC players to download through Steam. A Bethesda blogpost reveals a significant list of changes including new kill cams for spells and projectile weapons.

Bethesda outlined the juicy new features in update 1.5:

  • New cinematic kill cameras for projectile weapons and spells
  • New kill moves and animations for melee weapons
  • Shadows on grass available (PC)
  • Smithing skill increases now factor in the created item’s value
  • Improved visual transition when going underwater
  • Improved distance LOD transition for snowy landscapes

Skyrim players can also look forward to dozens of minor bug fixes within this patch.

At present, only a beta version is available to download through Steam, so players wishing to try this patch out should be sure to back up their saved games. Console versions of the update will available in the near future.

Are you still sinking hours into Skyrim? Will the new features add to your playing experience?

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