7:59 pm EDT, October 8, 2020

‘Sister Act 3’ is still a possibility according to Whoopie Goldberg

Could a Sister Act 3 be on the horizon? According to Whoopie Goldberg, it’s not off the table!

It’s been nearly three decades since Sister Act 2 hit the big screen, but now, it’s looking like Whoopie Goldberg is looking to get back in the habit.

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The EGOT winner stopped by The Late Late Show on Wednesday (October 7) where she spoke with host James Corden about the probability of a Sister Act 3.

Interestingly, Goldberg hinted that reprising her role as Sister Mary Clarence for a threequel is something she’s been interested in doing for a while. Despite the popularity of the first two films, however, it seems as though the studio wasn’t quite convinced that moviegoers would be interested.

“For a long time, they kept saying no one wanted to see it. And then, quite recently, it turns out that that may not be true,” Goldberg told Corden of the possibility of getting Sister Act 3 made. “People might want to see it. So we’re working diligently to try and figure out how to get the gang together and come back.”

Given the films’ unforgettable cast, we’re sure the fact that Goldberg is looking into getting the band back together, so to speak, is bound to be cause for excitement.

The first Sister Act premiered in 1992 and was quickly followed by a sequel in 1993. Both featured an ensemble cast that included the likes of Goldberg, Maggie Smith, and and Kathy Nimjay.

During their last hurrah, Deloris (Goldberg) finds herself reassuming her secret identity as Sister Mary Clarence— not because she’s in hiding, but in an effort to help her fellow sisters save a rundown catholic school from getting shut down. Together with her fellow nuns, she breathes new life into the kids at the school by reviving the student choir.

Goldberg didn’t get into what a Sister Act 3 might have in store if a studio were to green light a third movie, but she did speak a bit to why she feels as though the first two installments are still so beloved to this day.

“It’s fun, it feels good, nobody’s mad,” said Goldberg. “It’s just like, listen, bad singing, great singing, okay singing, and then nuns— what’s better than that?”

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