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How to survive Valentine’s Day if you’re single af

This may come as a shock, but not everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day.

The majority of us naysayers just happen to be single af. Makes sense, right? After all, it’s a Hallmark holiday created for couples. (Or so we like to believe.)

Yes, we singles could celebrate our relationships with all of our loved ones, friends and family, on Valentine’s Day since we don’t have significant others. I can’t even begin to count how many times people have tried to tell me to do that (and I’m sure you’ve heard it too), but it’s just not the same. And it doesn’t help me feel all that much better.

So, for the next Valentine’s Day, take care of yourself. Make yourself your first priority. I guarantee you’ll be able to make it through Valentine’s Day (mostly) unscratched if you follow my advice. Why? Because I’ll be doing the same thing. We’re all in this together (even though we’re technically alone). Now, pay close attention to my helpful tips.

1. Don’t watch rom-coms

What's Your Number Chris Evans

They’ll just make you feel sad. Trust me on this. I’ve made this mistake before. (Many times.) Sure, they’re funny and cute most of the time. But on Valentine’s Day when you’re already feeling kind of lonely and you’re hyper-aware of your singleness, they’re torture. It doesn’t matter how comfortable you are in in being single af; rom-coms are bound to make you feel (unnecessarily) awful. Avoid them at all costs. (Yes, even the ones with the dazzling Chris Evans.)

2. Pick yourself up with positive and life-affirming quotes from your favorite fictional characters

Agent Carter

Few things boost my self-confidence and esteem better than great quotes from my favorite characters (especially the ladies). Gather up a handful of quotes ahead of time to have for Valentine’s Day. Then, set multiple reminders or alarms throughout Valentine’s Day with these quotes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised (and reminded of your awesomeness) throughout the day.

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(One quote I definitely recommend? “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.” –Agent Peggy Carter, duh.)

3. Watch a (non rom-com) movie that you love

Avengers group poster

Watching something that you love is sure to get the happiness flowing and make you feel good. I don’t know about you, but watching a movie (or even a TV show) that I absolutely love feels a lot like a warm, snuggly hug. Really, though. My favorite movies make me feel safe and loved and at peace. So, what better day to be hugged by your favorite movie than Valentine’s Day?

4. Have a Galentine’s Day instead

Parks and Rec Leslie Knope Galentine's Day

Yes, Galentine’s Day is technically on the 13th, but who says that February 14 can’t be Galentine’s Day too? Celebrate with all of the ladies (or even men) in your life that you have a close friendship bond with. Friend love may be different from romantic love, but it’s no less satisfying. Grab a few friends and do whatever makes you happy. Just enjoy each other’s company!

5. Wear a bright color that isn’t pink or red

Veronica Mars Kristen Bell

What you wear on Valentine’s Day will definitely affect the way you’re feeling. Pink or red will just remind you of the day and black will make you want to sulk. Even sweats might make you feel a bit like a slob (although if you want to wear sweats, I say go for it). Instead of wearing red or pink or black, choose another bright color that you love and wear it proudly. It’ll help improve your mood and won’t serve as a constant reminder of what day it is (or how you’re single af).

6. Whip up a homemade meal

Supergirl Kara cooking a turkey

You obviously can’t take yourself out to a restaurant (what with all of the smooching couples that will be out in full force) and ordering takeout or getting fast food will most likely make you feel sad and lonely. So, this February 14, treat yourself to a homemade meal. If you cook your own meal, you’ll not only have something delicious to eat, but you’ll also have something to be proud of. You’ll have accomplished something. Hopefully that pride will keep you in good spirits.

7. Think about how many awful Valentine’s Day dates you’ve seen and read about and be thankful you’re not on one

Boy Meets World Shawn and his exes

Looking at you, Harry Potter. And then there was that episode of Friends where Chandler agrees to do a double date with Joey and ends up on a date with Janice. Oh and then there’s the episode of Boy Meets World where Shawn gets kidnapped by three exes. Valentine’s Day dates aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be. Sure, they can be fun, but they can also be super awkward, uncomfortable, or downright terrible. This year, be thankful you’re not on one.

8. Get crafty

Captain America Steve Rogers monkey drawing

Try out that thing on Pinterest you saved a while back. Draw a few sketches. Upcycle something in your house. Grab a super fun adult coloring book (like this Harry Potter one) and color away. Work on that cosplay you’ve been meaning to get around to. Doing something creative is just super fun and, honestly, does wonders for your mood. (I would know. I craft quite a bit.) Plus, working with your hands and actually accomplishing something feels great!

9. Go out and do something fandom-y or nerdy

iZombie Liv superhero

Take yourself to a museum. Make a day trip to that one place you’ve been meaning to go where they filmed that one movie. (For me, that’d be the school and football field where they filmed The Breakfast Club.) Go see Deadpool and buy yourself the largest slurpee possible. Just do what you love or surround yourself with things that you love. You’ll feel a lot better than you would if you were to just sulk all day. Plus, this kind of stuff will totally get your mind off of the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a win-win, my friends.

10. Treat yo’self!

Star Wars Rey and BB-8

Give yourself a manicure. Go get a massage. Take a nice, long bath. Go for a walk. Do whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed. You are an amazing person who isn’t solely defined by their relationship status and you’re no better or worse than those who have significant others. No matter what, you deserve to be happy and content on Valentine’s Day. So, treat yourself!

Are you single af? How do you survive Valentine’s Day?

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