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‘The Originals’ and ‘Eye Candy’ lead TV ships of the week

Ships this week are lead by Jayley, Jindy, Richonne, and more. Every week, ships, A.K.A. relationships, are highlighted on our favorite TV shows. Which were your favorite partners and pairings this week?

Did your favorite ship sail this week, did a new one launch, or did yours sadly sink? If you love shipping, you know the drama that shipping wars bring. Your ships don’t have to be canon for you to love them, and that’s half the fun.

Remember, if we didn’t include your favorite, give a suggestion to the writer who usually covers your fandom in the recap discussion or in the comments below.

‘Girls’ – All Aboard Hannah & Adam

Passengers: Hannah Horvath & Adam Sackler

Sunset Cruise: After giving up on Iowa, Hannah returns to the place she assumes will still be home when she arrives. But the life she built with Adam is gone. Not only in the physical sense of missing her couch and television, but in the emotional sense as well. If Adam’s surprised reaction and stiff hug weren’t enough to tip her off, the presence of a woman named Mimi certainly sealed the deal. Adam was not exactly on his best behavior while Hannah was away.

Ship Status: We’re sailing on the vessel Unsurprised. A cruise into new and less complicated waters is probably a good idea.

Via: Tumblr

‘Looking’ – All Aboard Patrick & Kevin

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Passengers: Patrick & Kevin

Sunset Cruise: This week’s Looking finally offered Kevin an ultimatum: choose Patrick or choose Jon. Patrick has never been fully supportive of having a relationship with a man who is still committed to his partner. But when he approaches Kevin about the topic, Kevin seems to agree with where Patrick is coming from and he decides to leave Jon. But when the time comes he cannot go through with the breakup and Patrick walks away from his end of the affair and from Kevin.

Ship Status: Can you say torpedoed at the bottom of the bay? We think you can.

Via: Tumblr

‘The Originals’ – All Aboard Jayley

Passengers: Jackson and Hayley

Sunset Cruise: As their impending nuptials creep ever closer, Jackson and Hayley share a sweet moment where he tells her a little about the werewolf tradition of leaving broomsticks on the porch. Needless to day, ‘jumping the broom’ is a handy, new little euphemism.

Ship Status: This ship is fueled up and ready to sail as soon as the whistle is blown. They are just waiting for the official go ahead.

Via: Tumblr

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