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‘Sherlock: The Network’ app delivers interactive casework for fans

Sherlock: The Network app for iOS is the perfect app for viewers to get a taste for solving crimes along side Sherlock Holmes and John Watson!

Do you miss him? Do you miss him? Do you miss him?

Just shy of completing the first week of a long hiatus, Sherlock fans still have many gifs to create and even more fanfiction to write. But what if you could become part of Sherlock’s homeless network and work along side the dynamic duo for a few hours? Take a break from wondering why Moffatt left a gay bar scene on the cutting room floor and solve a crime or two!

Sherlock: The Network comes to us from The Project Factory and Hartswood Films. After the initial title sequence, users are treated to an exclusive introduction video filmed on set by Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock Holmes offers an offensive review of your appearance (and scent) as well as an initiation to his homeless network.

Sherlock the network cumberbatch intro

The game is timed throughout and you have the option of connecting your account to a worldwide leader board, via Facebook. The more time you spend on challenges, the less points you achieve. There are ten different cases built into the game, some stand alone, while others feed into a larger narrative. (Not unlike season’s 1 and 2!) Users wander around London looking for clues, collecting money, and waiting for instructions from Sherlock, John, or even Mycroft.

Sherlock The Network App Map

Once out in London it is important to acquire money as you will need it to travel faster around the city. Remember the game is timed, so if the score matters to you, walking around on foot may be cheap, but it comes at a cost elsewhere. Two other options are mini puzzles built into the app. If you choose to travel by tube, you must build the track correctly before the train starts moving. Do not be fooled by the seeming ease of this task! It is amusingly, and at timeS frustratingly challenging. (Fitting for Sherlock, right?)

The second, pricier option is a calling a cabby. As you race the clock for overall time, you are also battling an increased price for your trip as the meter runs in sync with the timer. These two options increase in difficulty as you hone your super-sleuth skills.

Sherlock app oneSherlock app 2

Perhaps the most enjoyable feature is the Mind Palace. After you chat with Lestrade, meet with the victims, and examine ticket stubs, it’s time to separate the key pieces from the seemingly important ones. Your mind, after all, is your hard drive.

sherlock mind palace

Once you place the clues together and the case is cracked, Sherlock will reward you with some cash. The lull is never long between cases and soon after, the game will be back on!

Sherlock Voicemail

If you are expecting to download this app and play it at whim, you may be mistaken. The app demands more attention and focus in order to put the cases together and follow the narrative. For any Sherlock fan, the app is a rewarding bundle of exclusive videos, voice messages, and bursts of excitement when you realize you have a text waiting for you from SH.

Although a bit pricier than most apps at $4.99, £2.99, the chance to solve crimes with John Watson, and have your intelligence insulted by Sherlock Holmes is worth the expense. Besides, would you rather have messages waiting for you recorded by Benedict Cumberbatch’s swoon-worthy voice or achieve a high score of 3 in Flappy Bird?

You can download Sherlock: The Network in the iTunes store. No word yet on whether the app will be released for Android devices

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