Sherlock‘s Grammy award-winning co-composer David G. Arnold has seemingly confirmed a timeframe for the broadcast of series 3.

We already know that Sherlock will begin filming next January (a fact recently re-iterated by Steven Moffat, after concerns of a delay due to the announcement of Hobbit 3). An early 2013 production date led many fans to conclude we could be seeing the super sleuth and the good doctor back on our screens later that year, but now David G. Arnold – who composed all of Sherlock‘s music with Michael Price – has tweeted that he expects three new 90-minute episodes to be broadcast next October.

The admission came after Take That star Gary Barlow recommended the series to his followers. In a response to this recommendation, Arnold said, “series 3 next October I think.” Naturally, this sent Sherlock fans into full fangirl/boy mode, and one tweeter pressed him for confirmation of an October airdate. “I can’t be sure,” the composer admitted. “[B]ut have been asked to set aside next summer to write music for it.”

While this is by no means a guarantee (series 2 was delayed several times last year, before eventually hitting BBC One this January), David G. Arnold’s hints do seem to suggest that Moffat, Gatiss and Hartswood Films are eyeing an autumn slot for Sherlock’s return. Either way, the tweets will probably be removed fairly soon, as the executive producers are still maintaining that no decisions have been made on the matter.

Yesterday, writer Steven Moffat revealed three words that are vital to the plots of the great detective’s third outing. For our full analysis of “Rat, Wedding, Bow” as well as the stories we think they’re pointing to, check out our deductions.

Thanks to Laura Pusey (the fan who asked Arnold to clarify) for the tip!

Do you think next October is a realistic timeframe for Sherlock‘s return? What three stories would you like to see adapted?

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