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Of course, this is a bit of a cheat as Sherlock’s best man’s speech was essentially the framing device for the whole episode. Bless him, though he’s an incredibly perceptive genius, Sherlock does drone on a bit, doesn’t he? We can forgive him though, because the speech just has so much to love.

It was at times hilarious, at times awkward, and often (surprisingly) touching. As the second episode in the show’s run from the great detective’s perspective rather than his best friend’s, the speech delves deeper into his psyche than we’ve ever seen before. From the bumbling and mumbling as he tries to begin, to the frantic recounting of cases past (the elephant in the room being a personal highlight), the speech really did have a bit of everything.

Of course though, EVERYONE’S favourite part was when he let down his defenses and delivered a beautiful, heart-warming tribute to the happy couple. The speech gave a unique opportunity to peel back the mysterious and reserved layers he often disguises himself in when out on a case. – Harri Sargeant


Sign of Three 5

After “The Empty Hearse” we waxed lyrical about our love for the new Mrs. Watson, and following “The Sign of Three” this has not changed at all. In fact, the marvelous Mary Morstan has only become more and more fabulous.

Mary continued to display no jealousy or insecurities over Sherlock and John’s friendship, instead she encourages it. Her growing attachment to Sherlock is a wonderful new addition to Sherlock season 3. She seems completely at ease with the strange detective, as seen when she teases him during the reception for being very clearly jealous over John’s friendship with his commanding officer. She also puts his skills to good use, especially during the flashbacks when she quizzes him over where to seat the guests.

And in the end, Mary might understand Sherlock even more than John does. She is the one who recognizes just how difficult this for Sherlock, who helps John to help him. In the end, what can we say. We just love Mary. – Marama Whyte


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Well, almost. But once he managed to understand exactly what (and who) John meant when he talked about the best man – and after some very rapid blinking – Sherlock does seem to take his best man duties very seriously. Given the nature of the task, it isn’t surprising that there were some obstacles here for Sherlock to overcome, but his dedication to the task was somewhat surprising.

We got to see the humorous, like Sherlock’s vetting and instructing the wedding party on their required duties (someone should probably keep an eye on that kid though). And we also saw the emotional, like Sherlock’s surprisingly touching speech about John and Mary. And who knew he had those killer origami skills?

Sherlock’s new duties also demonstrated the growing friendship between Mary and Sherlock, one that we are eager to see more of. And unsurprisingly in a show called Sherlock, the wedding was more about Sherlock than it was about the bride and the groom, but it was no less enjoyable because of it. – Marama Whyte


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Though actually a fairly brief sequence, John’s stag night could have easily filled an hour and a half by itself. As Sherlock tried to calculate the exact amount of alcohol they would have had to consume across very specific time frames, John had the odd secret shot and eventually inadvertently spiked his best man.

What followed was perhaps the most hilarious run of scenes we’ve ever seen from the show, as a sequence of highlights sent us on a whirlwind so fast and surreal that afterwards, we felt like we had a hangover ourselves. The Baker Street name game and Sherlock’s unfortunate stomach voiding on a client’s carpet were both so funny. However, for us, there was one standout.

As the super sleuth drunkenly tried to deduce the evidence of the crime scene before him, his typical precise calculations were replaced by bizarre ramblings. Who doesn’t want an Egg-Chair-Sitty-Thing in their living room now? – Harri Sargeant


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He’s never been the most socially aware gentleman in the world, so there were no surprises that Sherlock couldn’t comprehend that John was asking him to be his best man. As we discussed above, he eventually excelled in the role, making origami Sydney Opera Houses at lightning speed and composing a beautiful Waltz for the happy couple’s first dance.

However, the long awkward silence immediately following the proposition was television gold. We heard everything the great detective meant to say via his speech, but all John got was a lengthy puzzled look. It’s rare we see Sherlock lost for words, so this silence was a testament to just how much he dreaded the social interactions and responsibility required for the role.

Then again, the fact that he put himself through such momentous personal pressure shows just how much he really cares for John. – Harri Sargeant

What are your favorite moments from ‘The Sign of Three’?

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