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‘Sherlock’ Series 3: Our 10 favorite moments of ‘The Sign of Three’

Sherlock series 3 continued last night, and to celebrate, the Hypable staff have picked their favorite moments from “The Sign of Three.”

Sherlock is only on air for about two weeks every two years, so when we do get these concentrated bursts of brilliance, it’s important to enjoy every second of it that we can! To help you relish this short but sweet broadcast window, Hypable writers Harri Sargeant and Marama Whyte have selected their 10 favorite moments from “The Sign of Three” in the second of a series of Sherlock articles, accompanied by GIFs made by writer Tariq Kyle. Check them out below, and make sure you share your faves in the comments below!

The Sign of Three 4

Poor Greg Lestrade has always been one of the unsung heroes of Sherlock. He is constantly the third wheel to the Sherlock and John bromance, he manages to put up with Sherlock’s strangeness, and he is generally the last to know absolutely anything.

The opening sequence of “The Sign of Three” was pure Lestrade gold. The growing frustration, the yelling, the kicking, oh Lestrade. But it also set up the rest of the episode, which was decidedly focused on Sherlock’s character, rather than a case of the week. This scene perfectly demonstrated this change – the audience is taken from what could be the new case to Sherlock, as he copes with the best man duties that will occupy him for the remainder of the episode.

Of course the reveal that Sherlock was not really in danger was fairly predictable for the audience, but once again poor Lestrade didn’t see it coming. While Lestrade really should know better by now, the way he dropped absolutely everything to go to Sherlock’s aid showed just how much he valued his friend. – Marama Whyte


Sign of Three 3 John's Credentials top

It’s sometimes easy to forget that John was a soldier when he’s dealing with awkward ailments and chasing around after the great detective. “The Sign of Three” was a nice throwback to Martin Freeman’s character’s long and illustrious career in the forces.

It was nice too, to see the effect he had on James Sholto, showing the difference John has made for people in all kinds of different situations. And Sherlock’s discussion with Sholto, where he convinced John’s former superior to stay alive for his wedding day was touching proof of this.

Of course, we also had the obligatory “pulling rank” while investigating the mysterious murder of the Queen’s Guard – a fun throwback to “The Hounds of Baskerville” – proof that though he may have retired, John will always be a noted and respected man of honour. – Harri Sargeant


Sign of Three 2 Molly Hooper

She’s become a regular mainstay in our favourite moments of every episode, but the subtlety and realism that Louise Brealey’s brilliant portrayal brings makes Molly an unforgettable character in a sea of memorable ones. The small glimpses into her speculation with Mrs. Hudson and Greg Lestrade were a nice touch, as we so rarely see her interact with anyone other than Sherlock.

It was great to see a bit more of Tom too, and Molly’s embarrassed hushing of him while he tried to turn his hand to solving the case is evidence that high functioning socio-paths have sort of become her type. Though they looked genuinely happy together while dancing at the episode’s close, we can’t help but feel the relationship is only temporary.

It’s anyone’s guess what’s next for the only regular character not created by Arthur Conan Doyle, but with the constant references to her love life we can’t help but feel their could be another spark on the horizon for the Sherlolly shippers out there. – Harri Sargeant


Sign of Three 7 top

The end of “The Sign of Three” might not be to everyone’s taste, but it made sense for this slightly bizarre episode. Not only does this send a twist into our story, but the idea that Sherlock makes deductions everywhere he looks without intending to is endlessly fascinating.

The reveal was set up from the beginning, when Sherlock made one too many deductions about a possible date for Mary’s bridesmaid. And like all good mysteries, the signs were there throughout the episode, but as always, Sherlock was the only one who noticed them.

The fact that Sherlock was the one to recognize this pregnancy seems somehow fitting for this odd trio. Neither Sherlock nor John may have believed that a wedding would change their friendship, but there is no question that a baby will. And so our detective boys face another challenge going into the season 3 finale, “His Last Vow.” Marama Whyte


The Sign of Three 9

It is no secret that Sherlock is one of the most visually stunning television shows, but season 3 has really stepped it up a notch. The structure of this episode meant that there was a heavy reliance on flashbacks, and one of the flashbacks we enjoyed most was Sherlock interviewing the women who had been involved with the “Mayfly Man.” And that’s not to mention the beautiful interpretation of the wedding photos.

A show like Sherlock that is so closely tied to a single man’s thought process does face the obstacle of becoming repetitive. The constantly changing visuals are one way that the writers and directors keep us involved and interested, and in such a character-focused episode as this one, they were critical.

Plus, being inside Sherlock’s head has other benefits – like another appearance by Mycroft (this time sans workout clothes), and a surprising cameo from The Woman – Irene Adler. We wonder just how much time Irene usually occupies in Sherlock’s mind. – Marama Whyte

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