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Goodbye, ‘Sherlock’: A week of fun celebrating our favourite detective

Sherlock series 3 may be over, but the festivities continue here in a week long celebration of the consulting detective.

The latest series of Sherlock has come to a close, with the airing of the series 3 finale “His Last Vow” in the United States. Sherlock fans are no strangers to waiting – that is the unfortunate by-product of loving a show that only has nine episode in total. But before we all descend into a period of mourning for the end of Sherlock, it seems appropriate to celebrate our favourite consulting detective and his friends.

It is no secret that here on Hypable, we are huge Sherlock fans. This week we will be sharing a range of articles to help ease the Sherlock pain. From our favourite episodes to our theories for series 4, every day this week you can expect something fun and Sherlock related. We will be linking to every article as they are published right here, so that you will have an easy place to find them all.

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Previously, we have compiled our 10 favourite moments from series 3 episodes “The Empty Hearse,” “The Sign of Three,” and “His Last Vow.” Plus, Sherlock collided with Harry Potter when we sorted the Sherlock characters into the Hogwarts houses.

But that’s not all, because we know that we aren’t alone in our Sherlock depression…

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Are you heartbroken over the end of Sherlock series 3? Do you have a killer theory for how Moriarty could be returning, or have a favourite character who you would love to celebrate?

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‘Sherlock’ columns:

Nine movies starring Benedict Cumberbatch to fill the Sherlock void
Now that Sherlock is over, there’s a hole in your heart. We have compiled a list of nine amazing movies starring Benedict Cumberbatch to help fill that void.

Ranking every Sherlock episode from worst to best
As the long wait to Sherlock series 4 begins, we look back at the past three seasons in this retrospective. Plus, vote for your favourite Sherlock episode in our poll.

Six stories we’d like to see in Sherlock series 4
Sherlock series 3 may have wrapped up, but there’s plenty to speculate about! As part of our Sherlock week, Hypable picks six Holmes stories we’d like to see in series 4.

Twelve reasons Molly Hooper is rocking our Sherlock world
It was the slap heard across the Internet, as we all collectively realized that somehow, while we weren’t really paying attention, Molly Hooper became the best part and the coolest character on Sherlock. Move over Irene Adler, there’s a new Woman in town, and we’re all a little bit in love with her.

Our favorite quotes from Sherlock series 3
We picked twenty of our favorite quotes from Sherlock series 3. Did your favorite Sherlock quotes make the list?

Review: ‘Sherlock: The Network’ app delivers interactive casework for fans
Sherlock: The Network app for iOS is the perfect app for viewers to get a taste for solving crimes along side Sherlock Holmes and John Watson!

10 Sherlock series 3 moments you missed because you don’t read the books
We show you 10 moments of series 3 that you missed out on if you don’t read the Sherlock Holmes novels.

sherlock series 3

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