Go behind the scenes of Sherlock season 4’s first week with Mark Gatiss in this new clip from BBC One!

From the first Sherlock season 4 table read through the opening shots of the fourth season, Mark Gatiss takes you behind the scenes of the first week on set! Filming began in Wales in April.

‘Sherlock’ season 4: Week One

That is a lot to take in for one minute! Before the paint even dries on that window the hard-working crew touches up we get a glimpse of John and Mary’s living room and baby Rosamund Mary Watson.

Fans found out the name of John and Mary’s baby when The Telegraph published a birth announcement from Mrs. Hudson and Molly Hooper. The post pokes fun at Sherlock’s less than enthusiastic involvement in the process.

We also get a look at the real diva of the show getting a touch up before filming– Sherlock’s curls.

It’s takes a village to get that hair to bounce just right!

The table read featured in the clip is for episode 1, “The Six Thatchers.” This title is taken from the Conan Doyle story, “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons,” which features a curious case of smashed Napoleon busts. Expect to see Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ signature twist on the original story play out in January.

In addition to “The Six Thatchers,” this season will feature “The Lying Detective” and “The Final Problem.” Don’t forget you can watch the last installment of season 4 in theaters!

Are you counting down to ‘Sherlock’ season 4?

‘Sherlock’ season 4 premieres on Sunday, January 1 on BBC One in the U.K. and PBS in the U.S.

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