Take this Shannara Chronicles poll to tell us who you think Eretria saw in the Safehold tunnels.

The Shannara Chronicles season finale left us with several burning questions. Where did Amberle actually go? Can Wil make it back to Safehold on his own? What in the world is Bandon up to? But none of these questions have been itching at my skin quite like the identity of Eretria’s kidnapper.

What we know about Eretria’s kidnapper:

  • Eretria knew this person (or knew of them).
  • The trolls are working with them.
  • They didn’t want Eretria killed instantly.

Before we start throwing theories around, let’s break the scene down to see if it gives us any clues.

Eretria is struggling against the trolls as they drag her through the tunnels of Safehold. Despite killing some of their kind, it’s interesting that these creatures don’t immediately end her life the second they get their hands on her.

They certainly weren’t shown to be very discerning back in episode 1×08, “Utopia.” They were ready and willing to take anyone Tye offered up at the end of every month. A payment of sorts for allowing others to settle in their territory. Which is another interesting detail. Trolls must be advanced enough to understand barter and trade. They understood they had something to offer and were willing to work with the humans in order to get something useful to them.

Which brings us back to Tye. Perhaps he’s suspect number 1 as to who Eretria may have seen in the tunnel. We know he’s been in bed with the Rovers before. Perhaps they’ve come to a new agreement since Utopia looked on the verge of destruction. We also specifically didn’t see him die. So for all we know he’s still out there shaking hands and greasing palms. Plus, not only did he know where Safehold was (great job giving your one card away, Eretria) he seemed pretty interested in keeping Eretria around.

But maybe he’s the obvious choice. For instance, I wouldn’t put anything past Cephelo. Dead or alive. So maybe he survived the troll attack and slithered away to recoup in the tunnels. Eretria did seem pretty surprised to be seeing whoever it was she ran into.

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Or perhaps it was someone more surprising. Vision-Amberle did say something about past, present, and future versions of herself meeting in one place. Maybe Amberle from the future came back to rescue her friend in the tunnel! It makes as much sense as some other ideas we’ve had.

Our last guess is more of a shot in the dark. Perhaps it’s one of the Bloodfire guardians Mallenroh or Morag. We’re making this suggestion simply because we really have no idea how Wil’s elfstones work or where he sent the witches when he exploded them. So maybe instead of killing them, he simply removed them of their power.

Enough theorizing. We want to hear what you think! Vote in the poll below and leave us a comment explaining your choice.

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