The Shannara Chronicles season 1 comes to a close tonight and we have five teases for what to expect from the finale.

Safehold has been found and the Bloodfire has been unlocked, but the journey isn’t over for our three heroes. Before season 1 of The Shannara Chronicles wraps up, we thought we would whet your appetite for what’s to come and offer up five teases for tonight’s season finale. Read on to see what’s in store for our heroes.

There’s a lot of magic that takes place in tonight’s episode, especially from our half-human, half-elf friend, Wil Ohmsford. Yes, it seems like he might be starting to get the hang of these elfstone things. But will his magical abilities be enough to save the people he loves? Well, that’s still up for debate.

If there was a theme to this episode it would most certainly be sacrifice. What people are willing to sacrifice, the bravery and courage it takes to offer up those things, and what we do once sacrifices have been made. These are all important elements explored in this powerful conclusion.

There is no shortage of love in The Shannara Chronicles season finale. Love between friends. Between partners. Even between royalty and their subjects. Because honestly, what is all of this saving the world stuff about if it isn’t about love?

That’s right, everyone. Tonight we’re definitely losing someone (or someones) from Shannara for good. We obviously can’t say who or how, but you may be surprised by who we find ourselves parting with.

As we’ve discussed, there’s still no official word about whether or not Shannara has been renewed for a second season. But after this ending we sure do hope there’s more to come. Some resolution is found and we do know the status of our three heroes as the show closes. But there’s plenty left unsaid and just a few dangling threads left that are begging to be tied up. Leaving things permanently in this limbo would just be cruel.

Before season 1 of The Shannara Chronicles wraps up, you may want to watch the official finale promo as well.

‘Shannara Chronicles’ 1×10, ‘Ellcrys’

Wil and Amberle race to reach the Ellcrys while Allanon and Ander lead the Elvin army in an epic battle against the Dagda Mor and his Demon horde. But the cost of their quest could prove too great, altering everyone’s destinies forever.

The Shannara Chronicles 1×10, “Ellcrys,” airs tonight, March 4 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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