We examine the likelihood of whether or not The Shannara Chronicles will be renewed for season 2.

With only the finale remaining, Shannara fans have begun to look toward the future in hopes of a season two renewal. But what is the likelihood of a second season order? Overall, the outlook looks good.

Although the ratings for Shannara have been slipping since its premiere, MTV has repeatedly stated that their audience does the majority of their television watching on streaming platforms. Since those numbers aren’t part of the public domain, we have no idea how many people are actually watching from week-to-week, compared to those who are watching live. But as far as we can tell the show is holding its own.

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In an interview with IF.com, Shannara co-executive producer David Blocker had some encouraging thoughts to share. “In the US it delivered beyond what MTV had expected and that’s hard because they expected a lot,” he stated. When asked if the show would be returning for another season Blocker said, “From all aspects it looks like we are headed for a future.” However, getting the show greenlit doesn’t seem to be the major hurdle Shannara faces. That obstacle lies elsewhere.


“Unfortunately, it’s become so popular it’s been difficult to see if we can maintain it here,” Blocker shared. “It’s a crowded enough space in [the] Auckland area and there’s not room for a lot of shows — the technology involved, the requirements for this show, we need to have a tested crew, people who have been through the dance a number of times and there’s only a depth like that two to three deep here.”

Hopefully MTV and its parent companies can find a creative solution to this problem because the New Zealand backdrop is almost an essential element of the show. It provides such a grand scope that it elevates Shannara to an unbelievably high level. Not to mention the location almost acts as an additional cast member. Rooting the actors in a very real and earthy setting.

Blocker says we should have more definitive news soon. “I think within a month MTV should have enough information,” he said. “They feel confident about it [and] we are all actively trying to figure it out right now.”

Are you interested in the ‘Shannara Chronicles’ getting a second season?

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