Rejoice! MTV has renewed The Shannara Chronicles for a second season, which means we won’t be left wondering about that cliffhanger forever.

The Shannara Chronicles was MTV’s pet project this year. They filtered a ton of money into making the series as spectacular as they possibly could, and it paid off big time. Not only was the production quality high, but the story itself was interesting, surprising, and emotional. If anyone deserves a season 2, it’s Shannara.

The news comes via EW, who has confirmed the rumor. If we’re honest, it’s not that shocking. After all, the ending made it clear they were hoping for the next chapter, and because of how much energy they put into marketing this show, it would’ve been surprising to see them let it slip so easily from their grasp.

When we last left our heroes, Amberle had been taken in by the Ellcrys in order to give it new life, sacrificing herself in order to save their world. Eretria had been fighting off the trolls to give Wil and Amberle more time to escape, and she was subsequently overwhelmed and taken prisoner because of it. Kneeling before their leader, she was shocked when the troll in front of her took off his (or her) mask, but we never got to see the troll’s identity. Wil was saddling up to track her down, while Ander had the immense task of leading the kingdom alone, since his family had all been killed.

There sure is a lot more to explore in season 2, though the books jump forward to the next generation after Elfstones. If the show doesn’t follow that same timeline (considering they’ll probably want to keep their main actors, it’s likely they’ll divert from the novels), it’ll open the story up to head into uncharted territory, which will be a great way to put book fans and non-readers on the same page.

There’s no word yet if season 2 will have an episode order larger than season 1’s, which came in at 10 episodes total.

Are you excited ‘Shannara Chronicles’ season 2 is happening?

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