At long last, production for The Shannara Chronicles kicks into full gear and we’re getting new information about the sophomore run.

Our patience has been rewarded. Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles is underway, and before long the show will return to our screens.

But before we jump directly into season 2, MTV has revealed some interesting details about the upcoming season. For instance, although Amberle has officially been lost to the Ellcrys tree (for good), we know that Wil and Eretria will return to the show.

“Still mourning the loss of his beloved Amberle,” Wil has turned his back on his magical destiny and focused his efforts on becoming the healer he always wanted to be. That’s until Mareth (more on her later) saves him from “a Crimson attack, where he’s once again pulled back into the fight.”

Meanwhile, Eretria has been up to… Well, we don’t know what. But apparently she’ll be reunited with Wil soon as they work to find their missing friend Allanon.

Wil and Eretria won’t be alone on their journey to reunite with their favorite Druid. They will be joined by the show’s newest addition, Mareth.

Mareth, played by Malese Jow

Mareth is described as being someone who is “both volatile and unpredictable.” Not only does she possess magical abilities, she is also “sharp, brash and independent to a fault.” MTV goes on to say that, “Mareth gets what she wants on her own terms and by any means necessary.”

Lyria, played by Vanessa Morgan

The next character being added to the show is a young woman named Lyria. Although there aren’t too many details revealed about the character, what we do know is exciting. She’s described as being, “a beautiful and mysterious young woman who’s romantically linked to Eretria.” Sign us up, please!

General Rigam, played by Desmond Chiam

Chiam will playing a character named General Rigam. This “former top dog in Eventine’s army is now responsible for all the havoc in The Four Lands,” and, “After watching his people slaughtered in the War of the Races and fighting the Dagda Mor in the War of the Forbidding, Riga became convinced that the source of all problems in The Four Lands was neither good or evil but magic itself.” This experience took its toll and eventually he became the leader of The Crimson.

Garet, played by Gentry White

Another seemingly cool character joining The Shannara Chronicles in season 2 is Garet, AKA “The Weapons Master.” He’s “a skilled, sly, and charismatic bounty,” who seems to win people over with his “wise-cracking” and “roguish charm.” Don’t let that fool you, though, because “the only thing Garet likes more than money is a good fight.”

Queen Tamlin, played by Caroline Chikezie

The final, and most regal, addition to the show will be Queen Tamlin. This, “powerful and cunning ruler of Leah,” resides over the only human kingdom in The Four Lands. She’s “a ruthless weapons manufacturer with a strategic mind and a talent for manipulating people, [using] her royal clout to solidify a political alliance with the elves.”

Are you happy with the ‘Shannara Chronicles‘ season 2 casting announcements?

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