Chuck E. Cheese is speaking out after allegations in Shane Dawson’s latest video, Investigating Conspiracies, claimed the company recycles pizza.

Shane Dawson has put a lot of people and organizations on blast in his conspiracy videos, but none have been as compelling and convincing as his claims that Chuck E. Cheese recycles its uneaten pizza. In his latest video Investigating Conspiracies, Dawson not only shows photos of others’ sketchy-looking pizza, but he orders pizza from his local Chuck E. Cheese that looks questionable at best.

When it comes to conspiracies, most of us usually have a healthy dose of skepticism, but Dawson’s video had a lot of people convinced that this conspiracy theory might actually be true. So naturally, Chuck E. Cheese didn’t waste time to speak out against Dawson’s claims.

Via Twitter, the company denied the allegations, saying that not only is each pizza made fresh, but each pizza is handmade to order, which explains the occasional inconsistency in toppings and the questionable appearance of the pizza. However, they promised that despite the fact that each pizza might look a bit concerning from time to time, it still tastes great.

The senior manager of a Chuck E. Cheese in Knoxville, Tennessee told local Knox News that in her decade of service at the playland, she has never seen pizza recycled. “We’ve never ‘recycled’ pizzas — never! — and I’ve been here 10 years. We make them fresh to order.”

While the images from Dawson’s video are quite compelling (and a bit troublesome), such a massive cover-up from a national chain would be nearly impossible to keep under wraps for this long. It is much more probable that Chuck E. Cheese just really stinks at making uniform pizzas. We’ll leave it up to you to decide who to believe.

Source: Knox News

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