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‘Shadowhunters’ season 3B: Piecing together all the teasers

Come for the complete list of Shadowhunters 3B teasers. Stay for our attempt to make heads or tails of what they all mean.

Freeform’s lackluster promotion of Shadowhunters season 3B during the 25 Days of Christmas ended with a 15-second teaser trailer. You read that correctly, 15 seconds. At this point I’ve come to expect less than that, so I’ll take what I can.

For the most impressive teaser content, showrunner Todd Slavkin’s Twitter account is the place to look. Like the fact that we’re getting a Shadowhunters Halloween episode that was meant to air as an entry point for new viewers in the month of October!

While we’re holding our breath for a full season 3B trailer, here is his “word trailer,”

But when it comes to officially cut and edited promotional material, here’s what we have on hand. Included in the teaser are a few gut-wrenching shots of the Shadowhunters as they process the “death” of Clary following the explosion at the end of the season 3A finale, “Erchomai,” Malec, and parabatai reunited. While the new footage is great, the round up of other teasers builds a better picture of what’s to come in February 2019.

Since we are starving for content, let’s dissect the trailer (and all the teasers) clip by clip.

‘Shadowhunters’ season 3B teaser trailer

Here, the final of the teasers picks up with shots of the group as we left them in season 3A. Jace is at the forefront of the clip handling the fallout as expected — poorly. He is angry, violent, and, seemingly isolated. After being trapped inside his mind while his body was under Lilith’s control, it’s not shocking that he is taking full ownership of his actions. Punching a mirror, which of course houses the reflection of the man who did all of those horrible deeds.

It is going to be a tough road for Jace to traverse this season as he works his way back into reality. Alec is there to tell him in not so many words to take stock of how he is acting and think about how Clary would view his behavior.

Luke and Simon are also not taking things too well in their fleeting moments on screen. Simon is dealing not only with the weight of his power being the cause of Clary’s disappearance, but with the emotional burden of the events that have transpired over the last few days. His mother believes he is dead, his best friend might be dead, and the people Simon might try to turn to all have their own stuff going on (Luke, Maia, Raphael, Jace).

It looks like Luke, meanwhile, is leaning on his tracking skills to solve Clary’s disappearance. A missing person’s case is far easier to digest than a murder.

In other clips released this holiday season, we were given a taste of what else is brewing for Shadowhunters season 3B. Here’s everything else we know from the teasers!

Complete list of ‘Shadowhunters’ 3B teasers

While some of the “teasers” were just behind-the-scenes shots of actors standing around set, others gave us insight into some of the events we can expect to see play out when the series returns February 25.

We’ll discuss all the posts and reshare some of them here, but for a full visual account, scroll along on the official Shadowhunters account.

  1. From our interviews with the cast earlier this year, we know that there were more than a few chilly filming days for this season. The first clip of Katherine McNamara features her serving us full winter Red Riding Hood. Luke and Jace were also on standby in full winter gear in a later post. While they look a bit more ready for a long mission, it feels as if Clary is a bit more at home in her gear… hmmm…
  2. While Clary is outside, Izzy has gone underground and appears to be sitting on train tracks in the second behind-the-scenes shot.
  3. Madzie returns to visit Magnus and Alec. Since Magnus is adapting to his new life without magic, babysitting a budding warlock should be no problem at all. Right?

  4. Simon arrives at the Institute on Day 4.
  5. An early gif of Maia leaves us wondering when she will FINALLY make her return. Luke appears to be in the resident quarters of the Institute, hopefully looking for clues to Clary’s whereabouts.
  6. Magnus gets out to see weapons specialist Izzy. Though they are laughing in these behind-the-scenes photos, I would bet that they are actually together to consult on more serious business.
  7. In non-3B teaser land, there were a few deleted scenes that made their way into the celebration, including this one between Jace and Maia. Piecing the timeline together, it’s a bit early into Jace’s restless evenings as his humor and charm appear to still be in tact. Jace and Maia scenes are always a bonus in my book, so I’m glad this one was taken off the cutting room floor for fans.

  8. Luke Baines, soon to make his debut as Jonathan, hangs out on set playing a round of pool sporting the official Shadowhunter color palate: black on black on black.
  9. The Seelie Queen and Meliorn take a break from plotting how to best use Simon to their advantage.
  10. Freeform knows that showing Magnus and Alec are going to put them in the favor of the fans, so they tease a photo of the two of them walking around at night.
  11. But really what I’m waiting for is THIS PAIR! The parabatai need some love, too. They just went through one hell of a journey losing and reconnecting with one another.

  12. Whose job was it to secure the warlock child’s legs? A blooper from season 2 gives us a bit of levity in the holiday season. And as a bonus there was a shot of Magnus from 3B.

  13. Now these three are going to have some things to sort out on screen in Shadowhunters season 3B. Seeing how well they tackle a group photo does not leave us with too much confidence…

  14. That vibe we got in season 3A is still going strong for Luke and Maryse… 👀 👀
  15. Raj better check his attitude at the door.

  16. Jordan sets up for a shot in the Too-Good-To-Be-True apartment, while Jace and Luke hit the snow. This looks like a rescue mission if I’ve ever seen one… Also, how do I sign up for this crew to save me from a blizzard?

  17. Related: And on the 16th day of teasers, Freeform made a HUGE mistake and dissed the Shadowhunters fandom on national TV 😳

  18. Harry Shum Jr. can make any task feel musical.

  19. On the 18th day, we got a taste of a reunion that I am not emotionally ready to handle. And as a bonus there was also an Ollie-centric deleted scene!

  20. Clary appears to be out of her winter gear, but still a bit chilly holding onto a rose with fingerless gloves.
  21. Luke has his own It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia-style conspiracy board going on, and we get a look at the new High Warlock making his return!

  22. Jace and Aline are reunited in this behind-the-scenes post. However, Slavkin had the better teaser, offering up a photo of Helen and Aline!!

  23. Izzy hits Maia with “you weren’t here” in reference to Simon in this gif. My gut tells me this feels rude, but I’ll wait for the episode to place my emotions.

    And because deleted scenes are fun, we get another one! This time from 3×08.

  24. This tweet is begging for a Sherlock Holmes/Shadowhunters fic.

  25. And on the final day of teasers, a Malec kiss and a deleted scene.

  26. The official 3B trailer is hopefully not far behind these teasers. Which of these breadcrumbs are you most excited to follow? My personal ranking is parabatai reunited, snow-saving mission, and Simon’s reunion with Raphael and Maia.

    Shadowhunters season 3B arrives on Freeform February 25, 2019.

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